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Friday, July 17, 2015

Ramblings from a Mad Man

Hi everyone. Let me bitch for a moment. My boss (aka dad) gets a job for the company in Canada. He's the one who's supposed to take it. Well you damn well can't go on a job when you're scheduled for a Caribbean vacation. So he calls me and poof, I'm off to the great white north.

Thankfully I'm back. Canada was okay, but not my ideal place. Besides, the WiFi at the hotel was horrible. So when I got back I noticed a few emails that slipped through the cracks. Most were about Old War Stories. The readers have spoken and didn't quite care for the direction I chose to go.

I'm surprised as I like OWS more than Death. That's cool though, I appreciate the feedback and I'd be an ass to think everyone would like everything. So with that being said, I have good news. For the next installment, I'll be returning to the more light hearted adventure that Death was. That was always the plan in this 4 part story line, trying for some ups and downs.

Most importantly, thanks for sticking by me as I keep fine tuning my writing. Look for Derrick to return around Halloween for his most dangerous/crazy adventure to date.