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Friday, May 22, 2015

Old War Stories - Release Details and Chapter 1 Preview

Yesterday's post was short and rambling due to my sleep deprivation.  Late last night, I got the email from Amazon saying that Old War Stories was officially available in the Kindle Bookstore (for both purchase and borrowing).  Here's the link for easy access: Old War Stories - Amazon

 Well, in honor of my second book going live, here is the first chapter of Old War Stories for you to enjoy:

Chapter 1 – A Feline Among Us

The cat looked at me and gave me a weird feline grin.  Its yellow eyes were way too intelligent, like it knew what it was about to do.  And then, “MEOW!!!”
“Roxanne, come get this thing!  It’s making noise and it stinks!”
Walking into the room, “Derrick, it is just a kitten!  Come here precious.”  She reached down and took the thing out of my hands.
“That thing is a terror!  It’s worse than those two Greed demons we put down by the docks.”
In case you’re new here, my name is Derrick Grimm and the good looking lady holding the cat is my sidekick Roxanne.
Getting slapped on the head, “Oww!  What was that for?”  Roxanne’s eyes were flashing red.
“I am far more than just your sidekick!  Don’t you make me sound like some waif who is reliant upon you!
“Wait, how did you know what I was thinking?”
With an evil grin, “I know everything.”  With that, she took the feline terror and walked back to the kitchen.
Where was I?  Oh yeah, I’m Derrick and that was my business partner, girlfriend, and all around awesome lady Roxanne.
“That is much better!”  Good lord, I need to be careful around her.
Anyways, the two of us run this little private eye agency in south Philly called Death Among Us.  We handle very sensitive cases if you catch my drift.  We’re also a lot more than what we seem, which is a nice way of saying we aren’t human.  Don’t worry, neither was the cat I was just holding.  No, that thing was a lot more than just some poor stray.
“Have you gotten to the part where you told the people I’m a sex demon and you’re the Horseman Death?”
“No I haven’t and you just ruined it for me!  C’mon, why do you always do this to me?”
There was no answer.  That figures, she takes the thunder and leaves me with the small details.  Well, she’s right.  I’m the Horseman Death, brother of War, Conquest, and Famine.  Those three hang out in Eden, the Garden of Eternity while I slum it up on Earth.  As for Roxanne, she is a Lust demon (a succubus if you will) and the daughter of the most dangerous one, Lilith.
So, how did we get paired up?  A very interesting question with an equally interesting answer.  Well she tricked the shit out of me to take care of her former boss, and lover, Beelzebub.  In the process, I was able to tap back into my celestial fire and regained a bit of my former glory.
So the two of us stuck together after that, settling in Philadelphia and opening this little agency.  So far, most of our clients were humans who’d dabbled in something they shouldn’t have and brought a demon over.  Those were the easy jobs that paid well too.
Unfortunately with our current case, it seemed something a bit more was happening.  I guess we should take this story from the top.
**Two Days Earlier**
Good night she was loud, but it’d been a few days and Roxanne was horny.  I hadn’t even made it to the bedroom before she jumped me.  Not that I’m complaining, trust me.
The Lust demon was mounted on me, my pants still halfway on, and giving into her inner desires.  “Impale me with your scythe!  Ughhhh!!!”
She was a bit campy when she got into this state, but I was too caught up in the actual physical acts to care.  It had been a few days for me too after all and I was enjoying the extra special care I was receiving.  The best part is when she was totally gone like this, she did most of the work.  Granted in a few hours or so, I’d be expected to pay back, but que sara.
She ripped my shirt away and grabbed my shoulders for leverage.  It happened before I could do a damn thing about it.  She tightened up around me and a few extra gyrations for my benefit.  She looked me directly in the eye, “FILL ME NOW!!!”
That always does it.  I don’t know about you, but when a hot girl commands me to do something, I tend to go along with it.  I finished up well before her, but she kept working and coaxed out another, smaller, orgasm from me.
When she finished, she collapsed on the floor beside me, the sex minx gone, replaced by the sweet Angel-Friend that the Arch-Angel Michael had bestowed her as.  “Phew, I needed that!  You shouldn’t keep me waiting lover boy!”
I was insulted.  “Umm, you were the one saying I needed to take on more clients.  I do believe you told me the rent doesn’t pay itself.”
She poked me on the nose.  “You’re so cute when you’re riled up.  Oh yeah!”  She jumped up and hiked her skirt back up, “Veronica called and is on her way over.”
“Roxanne, you’re killing me, you know that?”
She just winked and scattered off to get ready for our visitor.  Veronica was an angel and a particularly cool one in my book.  She got me out of a bad contract I once signed with a traitor named Yuri.
I too got myself presentable and went out to the front office area of our apartment/agency.  We got a great deal on the office front and the one bedroom pad right behind it.  And by ‘we,’ I mean Roxanne.  She charmed the pants off the landlord, literally.  It was quite the embarrassing scene, especially in front of his wife.
“Hey, you made dinner?”  I walked in to the kitchen full of wonderful smells.  Tonight it seemed meatloaf was on the menu.
“Of course, I thought it would be rude to not invite her to dine with us.”  She bent over and popped open the oven.  In one swift motion, she pulled out a perfectly cooked meal.  “Stop gawking at my ass and set the table.”
“Yes dear.”  Caught again!  None-the-less she wasn’t wearing any underwear and my curious nature was rewarded.  Doing as I was told though, I got three places settings in order just as the office door bell rung.  Our guest was here.
“Roxy, Derrick, you two back there?”
“Yeah, we’re in the kitchen!  Roxanne made you dinner.”
It only took a few moments, but a beautiful blonde Angel walked in.  Just like every other time I’ve seen her, she was dressed in a business suit and had a brief case with her.  She smiled as she walked in.  “Roxy, you did not have to go to the trouble.”
“It was nothing, besides what you don’t eat, the garbage disposal,” she pointed at me, “will take care of.”
The three of us gathered around the table.  To no one’s great surprise, I put away quite a few pieces of meatloaf, plus two baked potatoes.  Neither of the girls ate that much, which gave them ample time to talk about way the angel was here.
“I have recently received a disturbing request in this area.  I know the agreement is no longer in place, but I thought I might try to bring you in on this one Derrick, if you are up for it.”
My mouth was full, so Roxanne answered on behalf of both of us.  “For you, we will do anything.  Tell us more about this request darling.”
She grabbed her briefcase and pulled out a file.  “A few nights ago, an anomaly was reported, a minor spirirt was abducted from its home.  A local coven of witches somehow got their hands on it and are up to something.  Intel suggests they might be trying to call an Arch-Demon.”
Well that didn’t sound good.  “How long ago did this happen?  And what type of minor spirit are we dealing with?”
“We are not sure when the abduction took place or how it all ended up here.  As for the spirit itself, right now that is going to stay classified.”  She looked at us, and something struck me as odd.  “At first we were tempted to handle this on our own, but after a meeting with Michael, it was decided to reach out to you.”
Ignoring my hunch something was off for the time being, “Hmm… where do we start our investigation?”
She handed me the report to read while she talked.  “Down by the docks of the Delaware River.  If possible, would you be able to go down there tonight and see if we missed anything?”
Roxanne smiled and knocked my fork out of my hand.  “You can eat later, we’ve got a job!”
 “But I’m still hungry…”


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Old War Stories is Published!

After so much time and effort, Old War Stories is uploaded and being published on Amazon as we speak! A special thanks to my friend Elle who came over and powered through a 48 hour reading marathon with me to work out all the kinks and catch as many typos as possible. I'm incredibly stoked with how the story came together.

It's a bit more dark than Death Among Us, but I promise it has the same bad puns, terrible jokes, and sex filled scenes that so many of you loved the first time around. It also clocked in at about two thousand words longer than the original, so I'm happy about that as well. I'm fried to be honest. I go by back to work next week and I really wanted to get this done before I hit the road. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

I know this is short, but I'm exhausted. I'm calling it a night (well day) and hitting the sack. I'll be back either later tonight or tomorrow and I'll post the redone first chapter. Before I fall asleep, again thanks to all you awesome guys and gals who shared with me your enjoyement to Death Among Us and Old War Stories is dedicated to you.


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tara Reid - A Lesson in Marine Biology

I'm going home!! Well tomorrow I am, today I am going to use the hotel pool for some R and R. And writing, tons of writing. Before I get into the latest news for Old War Stories, let me plug my buddies' podcast. If you've never listened to Jeff and Jeremy on Two Dudes, Brews, & Books, you're a lot smarter than me. Yesterday, their new show hit the airwaves and 17 minutes later, I wondered what the hell happened.

They hit on everything from Tom Brady's air pressure obession to Tara Reid and Sharknado. Seriously, I'd never seen the clip where Tara thinks whales and sharks have sex to produce whale sharks, but its out there. In fact, here, copy and paste this link -

If you want to check out their shit show for yourself, here is that link for you too: The shows are quite funny and generally have an infomative theme to them. Plus every so often they plug me, which I greatly appreciate.

So on to important business; a major change has happened in Old War Stories. The plot wasn't quite up to snuff and something was really bugging me, so I went back and overhauled a character and his/her role in the story. This makes the story flow so much better and gives this guy/girl a much better chance to shine. That being said, I'm currently working on Chapter 22 (yep even with the overhaul, the story is still humming a long), so I envision a release date in the sooner than later future. When that happens, I'll give you guys a couple weeks notice with a chapter or two preview.

I think that's it from me. Next week, I'll be blogging from my own very own home which will be a nice change. Keep it real everyone and have a good weekend.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Contest Winners

Hey everbody. First, I want to say something serious real quick. With all the bad weather in Texas, I really hope everyone is okay. There was a tornado over by Denton yesterday and the weather has been awful. So if you're a reader around these parts, I got you.

Okay, so it is time to announce the fools...err people who are lucky enough to make it into Old War Stories (Book 2 of the Grimm's Reapers series): First up with have Allen from California. Allen feels he would be an excellent lackey and also wants to know if he has a chance with Roxanne. I doubt that's in your future Allen, but I like your attitude for asking, so you're in!

The other winner is Sabrina all the way from Germany. She told me women make the most deadly enemies, much like a certain character from book 1 who I won't mention to spoil it for anyone. Sabrina also gave me a fantastic idea for her character that I just might steal. Congratulations to both of you!

As for which one surives and comes back to haunt our favorite Horseman? I don't know yet, but we will see how it plays out. Anyways, thanks to everyone who emailed me, I was taken aback by that. I'm glad you're enjoying the story I came up with and I got a feeling you'll like where the next book is heading. I'll be back later this week with an actual update.

Peace out cub scouts!


Friday, May 8, 2015

Avengers, Boxing, and Weekly Recap (also contest info!)

Holy rusted metal Batman! I've been working way too hard lately at my real job and not nearly hard enough on my author biz. Let's just say that I never regret taking a job, but I 'almost' regret coming to Dallas. Between rodents chewing on cables, potential mold everywhere, and a guy who owns the business but is cheaper than dirt, I'm ready to go home and take a long vacation. Unfortunately, I'll probably be here another week before that happens.

But you don't give a shit about that. You probably care about the contest I posted last week, the one where I put a few of you into Old War Stories. Damn people, you went crazy. I've got about fifty emails to comb through, but I've been working on it. I'm going to delay naming the winners until Monday, as I've been super busy and I want to give anyone else a last minute chance to give me awesome reasons to be in the next book.

A few things I'd like to rant about before I go today. First, my 'friend' Jeremy told me I needed to check out the Mayweather-Pacquaio fight last weekend. I like my WWE and will watch some MMA here and there, so I gave it a shot. Damnit all, that was a freaking waste of money and time! The worst part was they actually announced a winner! There were no winners in that snoozefest, just losers - the people who watched that bag of shit! I don't claim to be a boxing know it all, but I do know I expect someone to punch the other and that didn't happen. Two thumbs down to boxing and to you too Jeremy!

To make up for that shit-fest, DID YOU SEE THE AGE OF ULTRON?!?! If you haven't, stop reading now and go do it. If you have, please continue. James Spader as Ultron was by far the acting pick of the year. I'm totally going to see that again this weekend (mainly because I now have the hots for the Scarlet Witch) because I need to see it again to process all the awesomeness. Between Thor seeing some messed up scene from Asgard where everyone was on LSD, Iron Man vs the Hulk, and then Ultron trying to destroy the world by making his own asteroid, I don't know what else to say. I'm ready for Captain America: Civil War to get here asap!

Well, that's it for me. I'm heading back in for another 'fun' day, so I hope yours rocks and keep sending me awesome emails.