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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Free Books

Morning everyone.  Have you entered your name into the "Become a Character" contest yet?  We've still got plenty of time and there's already sixteen entrants.  Get your name and reason in ASAP.

So, the title of the blog gives this away - there are free books to be had.  Being the company man that I am, and owing a lot to Jeff and Jeremy, I feel the need to hawk their wears today.  Plus, one of them includes a short story written by me, so it's not all totally shilling out.

Twisted and Sinful Stories - The Anthology (This one has my story in it)

Jimmy Blades: The Puck Stops Here

The Curse of Oberon (The Inglewood Chronicles Book 3)

There you have it.  3 books for free, so go and grab them.  At the very least it'll help the download numbers, and that'll make us all happy.


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Witch Wars #2 and Contest Time

Hey guys, what's good? Me? I've been slumming it up in hotels along the eastern seaboard the past few weeks as the family business is in full swing. However, I've begun drafting the second book in the Witch Wars series, so that's good right?

Haven't read the first book yet? For shame padawan, for shame! It picks up from the conclusion of the Grimm's Reapers series and stars Death's kid Oz. Do you need to read the first series? No, you can enjoy Witch Wars without previously readings any of my books, but if you do, you'll catch a lot of cameos and inside jokes.

So yeah, number 2 is in the outline phase. I might not be able to make this deadline, but I'm hoping for a Halloween delivery date, as that seems really appropriate. But you know what; you guys can help me out. Keep reading to see how.

If you've followed me for awhile, you'll know in the last series, Sabrina was named after a reader who won a contest. So, we're bringing it back. While I'm on the road, I'd love to get some reader email stating your case why you should be a character. Could be just five words or it could be fifteen paragraphs, either way state your case.

On August 21st , I'll pick a winner (or two) and then on the following Monday I'll release the names on the blog here. You need my email address? Yeah, that'd help -

Good luck everyone and I look forward to reading your shenanigans!