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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wip it Up Wednesday - The Electric Mile!

An Excerpt from the upcoming release, The Electric Mile

There was a lot of talking between the two girls. Ira had thought Ali was kidding with her plot to bring a user over from the real world to fight against Zeus Industries. Now that I was here, she was halfway to freak out town. “I know you talked about doing it, but seeing how he’s here… Oh my God, what if they find out?”

Draxler was after me, not Vector.” How she knew that, I wouldn’t know. “He’s a secret for now and he’s already finding his way. In no time, we’ll be able to finally bring down Zeus Industries and live in this world in peace.”

She crossed her arms over her huge boobs. “You were always so reckless, Ali.” She then smiled. “I wish I had your wild streak.”
Ali got up and walked over to the door. “I’m going to talk to Norad. Can you keep Vector safe for me until I get back?”
Her face darkened, “Norad? That’s a lost cause right there.”
Ali grimaced at Ira’s opinion and shrugged her shoulders. “I have to try.” Her last glance was saved for me. “Stay with Ira and follow her lead. You’re safe here, so long as one of us is with you for the time being.”
I gave her a quick head shake and she left as quickly as we came in. No sooner did Ali leave than I was being swept up by Ira. “You must tell me everything about yourself! A real player, in the master file with us? How exciting!”
My life wasn’t nearly as exciting as what was currently going on, but I did my best to fill her in. I told her about the garage I lived in and even that my real name wasn’t Vector, that it was Ash Wilde. When she heard that she squealed with joy. “Does Ali even know you’re outside name?”
I’m sure she did if we’d been connected as she told me. “If she does, she doesn’t use it. She only refers to me by my gamer handle of Vector.”
Then allow me to use it, Ash.” There was something very seductive about her smile. “It’s been a long time since I talked to someone as interesting as you.”
Ira got even closer to me, her massive chest pressed up against me. It was very hot and erotic. “Well, you seem like a very cool girl.”
In one swift motion, she pulled her shirt over her head. In a flash, her hand undid the bra that held those mammoth globes in place and they flopped down, landing on my shoulder and arm. For the second time since coming to this world, I was in a spot where my mind wasn’t thinking clearly. And in a good way. I bit down on that big nipple that was lying there, waiting to be taken.
She let out a soft moan and I did the same to the other. Soon I was working both of them, rapid back and forth motions trying to keep pace. Her hand reached down and felt my hard-on through my jeans. She unzipped them and pulled it out of the boxers holding it. She began to stroke it so fast that in no time, I was cumming all over her skirt.
Before I could apologize, she did something so hot that I was back in the game. She wiped it up with her finger and plunged that digit into her pussy. The moan that escaped her lips was the perfect amount of pleasure and tease. Her hand hadn’t let go of me, so it began to fill her fingers once again as my cock hardened back up.
That was a very naughty boy. Don’t waste this precious stuff on my skirt when you can put it in here.” She guided my hard love member into her already wet folds. I slid right in like I’d been meant to fit in there.
Half standing and half leaning, Ira was in total control from this angle. Her heels made this the perfect height for our little romp and she was having the time of her life. With each thrust downward, her eyes got a little bigger, rewarding me for getting hard quickly again. I looked down and saw a nice tuft of blonde hair around the lips. I loved girls with some hair.
I felt a twitch in my leg. It was coming on fast. “I hate… to ask… but is it safe… to cum inside?”
I don’t knoooow,” she half moaned in my ear. “Do it anyways.”
Her throaty voice made the choice an easy one. If there were to be consequences, damn them. I arched my back a bit and felt the rising tide about to erupt from my erection. As soon as it did, her vaginal walls began milking my cock for all it was worth. Cumming inside of her felt so good, like this was a vagina meant for me.
The moment we both finished, I slumped over, tired from all the exertion of the day. I was still inside her as she ran her hand over my eyes and whispered, “Sleep well, Ash. We still have a lot of time left to play.”
I woke up to the feeling of a hand gently stroking my cock. When I opened my eyes, I saw Ira sitting beside me, massaging the full length of the shaft. “Wakey, wakey sleepy head.”
How long was I asleep?”
Not too long, maybe an hour? Ali came to check on you and was pleased that you were resting. She wanted me to tell you to keep that up and she’d be back in a bit to take you exploring.”
I was excited to see Ali again, yet I wasn’t disappointed to be left alone with Ira for a bit longer. There was just something so amazing about the girl. “I guess I’m in your capable hands until she gets back.”
The soft palms of her hands continued their task at keeping me turned on. I hadn’t really noticed what color her eyes were until now, as the deep hazel color was locked in on me. “I hope you don’t mind, but I really need some more of what you’re giving.”
What guy would mind an insanely hot chick wanting him to fuck her brains out again? Especially an insanely hot chick who probably had a submissive side. Oh yes, I could tell.
I pulled Ira down gently, allowing her skirt to ride up and expose that precious ass of hers. Unlike Ali’s, which was firm and toned from being a warrior, Ira’s was soft, plush. I liked it much, much more. I started slowly with a gentle tap, just hard enough to gain her attention.
Ash!” she exclaimed breathlessly. “Did you just spank me?”
Yes I did.” I spanked her just a bit harder. “Is that going to be a problem?”
No sir!” she answered with the right amount of husk in her voice. The way her voice squeaked was so hot. “I just wanted to make sure I was pleasing you.”
Oh she was, for sure. I loved to hear the crack of that ass under my palm. I gave her two more, which produced even sexier, kitten-like squeals. Ira was mine and we’d barely just begun.
Unlike Ali’s ass, which went red right away, Ira’s held up under the tingling swats I gave her. This one was going to be a challenge and I loved a good challenge. With a few more well-placed moves, that luscious white skin began to turn pink.
Another difference was the way her ass had some jiggle to it. I was mesmerized with the movement each time my hand came across. It was making my very hard member even that much more turned on. I took a mental picture of this perfection.
I couldn’t help myself, I continued to spank her. She cooed with acceptance. “My life has been programmed to be a servant and I am yours.”
Not a servant, a partner,” I corrected her.
The way we were laying, she continued to hold on to me as I reddened those cheeks up. When I thought she was sufficiently under my spell I said, “That beautiful mouth of yours would do such a fine job on my cock.”
She didn’t even need to say anything. Her red lips found their way to the hardened member and went to work immediately. Every so often she’d look up at me with her pretty eyes, almost as if she needed my assurances. She received them.
I wasn’t going to finish in her mouth. Oh no. She deserved much better than that. I took my hands and guided her face off my cock. “I think we both know where this needs to go.”
If that pleases you, it most certainly pleases me.”
Not knowing how much longer I could’ve lasted under those skillful lips, I slid into her awaiting hole, eager to accept me once again. Unlike Ira, who was determined to wait for me, her inner needs weren’t so passive. The muscles of her sweetness began contracting around my shaft, working it over and over, wanting nothing more than for me to finish inside her. Who was I to say no?
The time came to unload another round of liquid passion deep inside her digital womb. Her eyes practically begged me to finish the job and without hesitation, I did. Over and over again, squirting with each thrust into her. It was pure magic.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Incoming: Friday Freebies

As some of you may know, I have two writing mentors. Morganna Williams, who has helped me in so many ways, does a free Friday short story each week. After a good conversation with her, and some emails asking for more info about Derrick's and Roxanne's past, I think I'm going to start up that segment, too.

We're going to kick it off this week by going back into Death's past, well before he was even Derrick Grimm (or Graham Reeper for that matter). These shorts will be little mini series, so it won't be an adventure per week, but rather over three or four weeks. I hope you enjoy the new segment, as this will also make me blog a lot more often.

Keep it real team,


Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer and Fall Schedule

Okay, okay! I get it. From all the emails I got after sending out my last blog, I am totally understanding of your guys' need to get concrete release dates for the revamped Grimm's Reapers series - now known as the Chronicles of Death.

*P.S. - I'm pretty sure some of you think I kicked your dog. I didn't kick your dog.

Demons in D.C. (prev. Death Among Us)
Release date: currently available right here:

In the Nyx of Time (prev. Old War Stories)
Release date: June 6th. Preorder available here:

Abaddon Rising (prev. Feast or Famine)
Release date: August 29th

Sins of the Father (prev. Divide and Conquest)
Release date: October 31 aka Halloween aka my birthday

Hopefully that will ease some of the annoyance at all of this. And yes, by Christmas this year, we'll have the Volume 1-4 digest ready too, for those of you that prefer that style over four separate books. So get ready, for tomorrow the reaper comes once again, just In the Nyx of Time!


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The New Grimm's Reapers!

A guy is gone for a month or so on business field trips and comes home to find his inbox full of angry messages about where the Grimm's Reapers series has gone. Here are a few examples:

Jack -
I purchased Death Among Us and Old War Stories. Where the hell are the rest of the books? Seriously not cool.

Mr. Crosby -
Just logged into Amazon to get Divide and Conquest and was told its unavailable. Is this an error? Can you please let me know when I can get the last book?

I'm so mad that you pulled your books. NOT HAPPY!

As you can see, I'm not exactly Mr. Popularity right now amongst my good people. As I explained before, the reason for the pull was to improve quality. Just as many readers sent me email after reading one or two books stating how poorly edited they were. I was young, naïve, and thought I could handle shit on my own. I learned from those mistakes and wanted to put out a better quality product.

I'm happy to report today that by Halloween this year, all four books will be back out under new titles and 150% better. With the help of Jeremy Croston over at Bolt Publishing, the two of us were able to take my hot messes and make them shine. In April, Death Among Us was re-released as Demons in D.C. Here's the cover if you haven't seen it yet:

The second book of the series, Old War Stories, is just about done its makeover. Renamed In the Nyx of Time, it is up for preorder on Amazon with a release date on June 6th. If at any point you dropped the series due to the errors, I'd like to extend you a welcome back. The under construction signs are being torn down and The Chronicles of Death are sure to delight all you heathens.

Before I go today, here's the new cover for In the Nyx of Time. I love it.


PS - If you're still here, look for the Feast or Famine remake in August. Rumor has it that its new title will be Abaddon Rising...

*Special thanks to all the people who've helped me turn shit into gold: CG Blade, Stephanie Croston, Galuh Obodi, Cindy Calloway, Morganna Williams and many more.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Crazy Guy's Guide to Bacon

I wrote a cookbook. A satirical, poetic, jumble of a hot mess cookbook, but one nonetheless. And I have a feeling if you're reading this post, you'll want to buy it, too. Why?

  • It's 99 cents (in most regions)
  • It contains a lot of bacon infused recipes
  • It has terrible jokes
  • There's poetry!
  • It's only like 30 pages long, so it won't take long to read
  • I challenge your man/woman-hood about 3 pages in
  • And did I mention bacon?
Yep, that's about all there is to it. Oh yeah, and we lose Gary about halfway through the book. What other cookbook offers death in it? None that I know of - though, 100% honesty here, this is the only cookbook I've ever read. How narcissistic of me.

Did I miss anything? Oh the link! Here you go:

Go grab a cold beer, oh glorious reader, and enjoy The Crazy Guy's Guide to Bacon. Your cholesterol will thank you.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Last Chances to get the Grimm's Reapers Series

It's really happening, people. The good folks at Dark Moon Press have all four Grimm's Reapers books, as well as The Witch Wars: Volume 1. Over the past week, we've been working together on the source material and direction of the series and with it, how to handle this. With a lot of help from my author friend, Jeremy Croston, the newest form of the book is everything I could've ever hoped it to be.

With my blessing and with the understanding that things need to change, I'm here today to let everyone know that in one week, all my books will be coming off of Amazon. After that, the transition will begin with brand new covers and titles as we re-launch an updated and cleaner series. Next week, my contract with them starts, so this will be the final run as an independent.

Obviously, this pushes The Witch Wars Volume 2 back, but as someone who is taking their writing with a less blasé faire attitude, I want to make sure the products being put out with my name on it are top notch. I appreciate everyone's understanding in this. And for those of you who may have given up after reading a book or two, I feel like you might want to give the series a chance again. The story is as strong as ever and hopefully the rest of the logistics (editing and cleaner dialogue) match up with it.


Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Sometimes getting the truth is the hardest conversation to have with someone. No one wants to hurt feelings or upset anyone, so they sugarcoat things. It's only by pressing that you get the truth, and once you have it, the realizations that come along with it.

I finally got the truth yesterday and it's time to deal with it.

When I started my writing journey a few years back, it was for fun. I had stories to tell and never really thought any more of it. As I kept going, it went from hobby to something that I started to take more seriously. Then, as more books sold, it became a passion. It wasn't overnight, but I remember one day thinking, "This is something I could totally see doing one day on a more full-time basis."

As a computer guy, I have spreadsheets and limitless pieces of data lying all over the place. One of those spreadsheets shows how my books do, obviously. The other day, it dawned on me that the series retention rate from Death Among Us through the current book, Jacoby's Revenge, ended up being only about 25%. That surprised me. So I sought out some opinions from those closest to me.

No one wanted to offend me. I kept pressing, until one brave soul told me the truth - there are numerous errors and some plot point inconsistencies. Finally, someone told me what I needed to hear. So, with that, what to do? A few authors said just to have it edited and just update the version on Amazon. However, one author gave me another idea, one I liked even more. Pull the books completely, revamp them, and release them under new names and cover art. "Let's give your books a brand new identity."

And that's what I am going to do. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to start pulling stuff down. Death Among Us is already in some very capable hands, getting revisions and corrections handled as we speak. I'll keep everyone posted as this new beginning really takes place, but in the meantime, feel free to email me any questions you might have. I'm always around.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Project Updates

Based on the number of emails that begin and end with, "Yo Crosby, when the hell is the next Witch Wars coming out?"* I figured now would be an excellent time to talk to all of you about a few things going on with me. First, the Witch Wars book has been placed on hold, just temporarily, while I am in the midst of an exciting new venture.

Most of you are aware that over the past few months, I've been working with well-known erotic novelist Morganna Williams. We've been combining our short stories together to bring you two cool editions, Primal Heat and Captive Desire. The reason for that was to get readers used to our names together as the entire plan was to eventually co-write a full length novel together. As you probably figured out, we're working on that right now.

We are hopeful to have the book written, edited, and published in April. This story is so freaking cool though. We have FBI agent Leonardo Jackson and bestselling erotic novelist Mona Hyatt as the main characters, tied together by a psychopath called the Dollface Killer. Why is he called that? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Secondly, as you probably noticed, The Electric Mile has been taken down. During this hiatus, I've worked to make the novel even stronger. When will it be back up? I don't know. Just know that when it does, it will be the best Jack Crosby novel I've ever written.

So yeah, there's a lot going on. If you'd like more info about Morganna and I's upcoming title, you can also pop over to her blog, But, before we go, how about a quick teaser of said title?


*Emails were condensed down and put into Crosbyese. Just shake your head and move along.

It was a seedy little place right off the Orange Blossom Trail. The locals call this area of OBT Hooker Heaven and it’s known for little porn shops and strip joints. I was in a bad place; that’s why I was here.
After seeing Agent Perez gunned down, I’d been promoted to the lead agent on the Dollface case. Me. What the hell did I know? There were way more qualified agents to send to do the job, but upper brass all agreed that I was the man for the job. I was scared shitless.
The joint I was in was known as The Red Room. It wasn’t advertised anywhere or a place most even knew about. You had to get an invite here. The second night after Perez’s death, a red envelope was nestled against the door to the apartment the Bureau had set up for me. Opening it, I saw the calligraphy writing, inviting Agent Leo Jackson for a night he’d never forget.
As I entered, I made my way over to the bar area. The whole place was dark, red lights were scattered here and there to give the area a certain, almost sexual, feel to it. The bartender was a girl in her late twenties and her name tag read, “Mindy.”
I placed a ten spot on the bar top. “Whiskey sour, extra sour.”
Smiling and taking the money, “That’s a generous opening, sir. Special occasion?”
“No, just needing a drink.”
I didn’t want to put a heavy burden on this girl. Hell, I should’ve been arresting everyone in this place, but I wasn’t in the mood. Not that long ago I was just a computer geek who tracked down the bad guys through encryptions and dark web visits. I laughed at myself, I had no business being a field agent.
Mindy placed the drink on a napkin in front of me. “You have a heavy soul,” she informed me. “A man who looks as sweet as you shouldn’t be burdened with darkness.”
I snorted as I put the drink down with one gulp. “I wish I wasn’t, believe me.”
I felt a soft hand caress my shoulder. It was a blonde girl, barely clothed in six inch heels. Her fingers made their way to the tip of my nose where she lightly poked it. “Mindy,” she said with some husk in her voice. “I think I’d like to take this one.”
The bartender came out from behind the counter. “Sorry, Yvette – this one is mine.”

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Madness Advice

I'll be the first to tell you I know shit about sports. Growing up, my ideas of sports were Final Fantasy VII marathons and putting together computers. But the one time of year I pay attention is March Madness. Not because of some fondness for basketball, but because I enjoy placing a bracket on a site like ESPN where random chance and guesses are as much a part of it as knowing these teams inside and out.

So you're like me, huh? Well, grab a beer (or a capris sun if your under 21) and let's look at some of the tried and true methods for winning some money with little to no sports knowledge required!

1. Bracket Seeds

This is the easiest one to follow. You have a 1 seed facing a 16 seed? Well that's a no brainer. I don't care if the 16 seed has your favorite color on the uniform or it's mascot is Admiral Ackbar (I see you Ole Miss people), 1 is good and 16 is bad. As the seed matchups get more even (like 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3), then it becomes a free for all, but at the beginning, be smart. They rank these teams for a reason.

2. Mascots

You got one of those pesky 7 seed vs 10 seed matchups and you're like shit, what do I do? Let's go to the mascot check. The 7 seed has the mighty Friar for a mascot. The 10 seed has the radical Flying Space Hyenas as theirs. Duh - this is what we call a no brainer. You best be picking the Flying Space Hyenas. If you don't, you better be a Friar alum or intoxicated. Mascot coolness counts and don't be afraid to run with it.

3. Colors

A popular method amongst the lady-type people, picking based on what color appeals to you. I'm not going to lie, I've used this method on occasion to great success. My favorite color is green and thanks to a good old Michigan State run for a few tournaments, green took me to the promised land. However, color picks are superseded by seeds and mascots. I don't give two shits if aquamarine is your favorite color, if that team is a 15 seed with a mascot of the Jazz Bunny and they are playing a 2 seed with a mascot of the Killer Chainsaws, there's no way in hell you should be using the color method (unless you are an alum or intoxicated).

Well, there you have it. The brackets are out now and you should go get to picking. And, if you win any money, use it to buy one of your old pal Jack's books. You won't regret it.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Witch Wars Volume 2

Good morning, everyone. Holy crap, it's been so long since I blogged that I actually forgot my password for a bit. That's what happens when work life gets put in front of author life. I'm not exactly a good multitasker, so when I get sent on these trips and what not, I generally leave all my authoring stuff at home.

After stops in a few east coast towns, I got back home a few days ago and just vegged out. I'm pretty sure there was a 48 hour stretch where all I did was watch Netflix and eat microwavable foods (Jack Crosby is brought to you today by the good people at Hot Pockets!). I needed it though; after 5 straight weeks of travel, I'm home for the time being and it's time to get back on the writing horse.

A number of you have emailed me, and first I'm sorry I'm just getting to responding today. Second, let's go ahead and talk about The next Witch Wars books. Before I got called for a job rush, I'd been working along at a pretty steady rate. In fact, I am currently up to chapter 17 completed. With having the next three weeks off, my plan is to chip away some more at the draft and maybe, if we're lucky, be able to send it out to my new editor before I hit the road again.

To get you excited, let's talk a little about what's going to be happening in this volume. If you'll remember, at the end of Jacoby's Revenge, six months have passed and Oz and Cassandra are hunting down a demon named Chiron. Chiron works for Jacoby, so you can see why this is important.

Let's not forget Caspian, too. He's stuck in that shadow world with Khloros, who is none too pleased with the current company. Things go from bad to weird as they investigate the hidden palace behind the waterfall with some... unexpected help.

New friends are met and some powerful old friends return in the 2nd story of this 3 part adventure. And it really wouldn't be a Grimm's Reapers type tale if there wasn't an impending end of the world scenario to deal with as well. So yeah, lots of good stuff to look forward too.

I'll have more information as the weeks go on. I have requested a cover from my graphic arts guy. When I get that in, I'll be sure to upload it right here. In the mean time, if you haven't read Jacoby's Revenge, go give it a try. It is a wild ride starring Derrick's son, Oz. That's it for now!