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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Roxanne Short Story - Red With Lust

Greetings my fellow humanoids. I hope you had a great Christmas and have some cool plans for New Years. Me, I'm going to chillax in Chicago as I am off for the rest of the year!! No need to tell me it is only 4 days, I will take my vacation and run.

So, my tag team project with Morganna Williams has been very well received. The Primal Heat/Merciless: A Pirate's Tale combo platter is up on Amazon and neither of us realized just how popular it would be. Well, when something is good, you keep running with it. Morganna asked me if I had another Grimm's Reapers tale to tell and, naturally, I did. So with her next novella that'll be released right at the kick off to 2017, Roxanne is coming back for more.

In the short story, Red With Lust, our favorite demon has been tasked with assassinating JFK. What happens next is a tale that sends us from the east coast to the heart of Texas as we follow her adventure. By the conclusion, you'll know a lot more about her and how she came to be in Derrick Grimm's (aka Death) life.

Real quick, The Witch Wars Volume 2 is coming along nicely - should be an early 2017 release there. Plus, my other new(ish) book, The Electric Mile is free this week. You should grab it at Video games, hot ladies, and a wacky plot that makes little sense? What's not to love?! And finally, me and some dude named CG Blade are up to no good with the Grimm's Reapers series. I am super stoked to continue to work with that mad genius. Just don't tell him I complemented him, okay? Good.

That's all I got party people. Have a safe and great New Years and I will see you in 2017.


Friday, December 16, 2016

Working with Morganna Williams

As I get back into the swing of things, I had a tempting offer happen this week. Good friend of Crosby Entertainment, Morganna Williams approached me to put two of our short stories together and give readers a chance to get to know us. A lot of you are familiar with my short - Merciless: A Pirate's Tale, which is the story that I offered her.

Well, Morganna, her work is unique. She writes in the sub-genre called spanko-erotica. Her books are fun, action packed, and highly good time reads. I wanted to fit in a bit with that, so I upgraded Merciless just for this opportunity. Adding in the same elements she uses, Merciless: The Bad Girls Edition is now out as a bonus story in her book, Primal Heat. You can pick it up over at Amazon, of course!


Before we go today, I figured it'd be best to give a little sample of the novel, a bit from each story. Please enjoy!


Merciless: The Bad Girls Edition
Cooing in my ear, “Oh captain! What a magnificent sword you have! Slay me like the evil vixen I am…”
Bless her, the dirty talk in my ear softly made the situation that much more unbearable. She locked her ankles around my back to keep me from going far as I grinded myself deep inside her. Roxanne loved it the dirty little girl. Something in her eyes though drove me to do something even more. I pulled out and turned her over on my desk. “Bad girls get a jolly old lashing.” I took my hand across her ass, hard.
Quicker than I could’ve imagined, she had me on my back and her eyes were like embers. “I will pardon you once, Captain, but do that again and I will disembowel you on the spot.”
“Yes ma’am.”
Primal Heat

“All right little girl, it’s time for some answers,” a grumbling voice above her said sternly. Kyra squinted trying to adjust her eyes to the sudden bright light. He came into focus about the same time his scent hit her, wrapping around her comfortingly.

Shit! It was her mate…hell no…she was getting out of dodge immediately. Kyra had no plans to mate at all in her future.

She sprang from the trunk with a lithe grace the unknown shifter wasn’t expecting and spun to face him with a glare. Her hair was coming loose from its moorings and hanging rather haphazardly around her face and her glasses were at an odd angle, but she raised her hands in front of her ready to knock him for a six if he came at her.

“You can’t just go around kidnapping people!” she yelled.

“Don’t give me that line sweetheart. You paid me 4k to kidnap you and give you a fantasy weekend,” he told her with a little growl.

Kyra refused to let the big ox intimidate her, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard; you’re clearly delusional. I insist you let me go this instant or face criminal charges.”

“Stupid? Delusional? You better stop while you’re ahead little girl. I like a little role play on occasion but you aren’t going to get away pretending this whole scheme wasn’t your idea to begin with,” he told her firmly as he stalked towards her. “Now, would you care to explain to me why any of this was…oomph”

She stopped his words by rushing him and ramming her tied hands up into his chin while kicking him hard in the groin simultaneously. Unfortunately, she hadn’t checked her momentum and ended up knocking him on his ass with her sitting on top of him.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Return of Jack

Hey hey hey, long time no bloggin'. I apologize as I had a number of things going on, but you were in the quite capable hands of my newest associate, Sabrina. As you probably know by now, she's taken over the day to day running of my small book empire, affectionately known as Crosby Entertainment. Her experience in running a business plus her enthusiasm for helping me are two great qualities and I couldn't be happier.

The advent of Crosby Entertainment isn't the only cool thing happening. Since we last spoke, Pseudosynth Press has picked up my rag, The Electric Mile. Yep, another publisher actually wanted to be associated with my stuff. First and foremost, I want to thank CG and Jackie for bringing me into their family and helping me to achieve even greater milestones. What they've done for my book can't be underscored; they are the real deals.

Second, I want to encourage everyone to check out their entire library of awesomeness. If you pop over to, you'll not only find me but a cadre of very talented people. Trust me, you'll be in for a rocking good time.

So yeah, a lot happened while I was away on one of my trips. New and improved copies of my books are on Amazon and are going to be out on paperback real soon. CG, Jackie, and Sabrina have done so much for me and I hope in 2017, you, the readers, reap the benefits.


Sneak peek at the new paperback covers courtesy of Sabrina. For The Electric Mile paperback cover, please visit Pseudosynth Press at the above link. Please enjoy: