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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Book 4 - It's Happening!

Salutations and greetings.  If you've stopped by that means you're interested in the Grimm's Reapers series, in particular the fourth book.  Well, Derrick Grimm is going to ride again in Divide and Conquest, the grand finale of the series.  Don't be sad, as I'm sure I have something cooked up to do after I complete Derrick's story.

I spent the past few months writing the plot line and synopsis for D&C and I'm really happy with it, so it's on to chapter writing.  I finished Chapter 1 yesterday and plan to write about a chapter a day until it's finished (it is so much easier to write when you have a completed storyboard to go off of, trust me).  When I hit about Chapter 10 - I'll put a rough draft copy of Chapter 1 up on the blog like I always do.

A few people were kind enough to email me with some questions, so I'll take a second to address them.  Number 1 - no, I won't cut back on the sex scenes.  I write to amuse, entertain, and most importantly stick to a style I've developed.  I know it's not everyone's favorite, but it is mine so I'm going to keep dancing with the girl that brought me.

Number 2 - yes, this book will be the last one where Derrick is the main character.  I always planned on having him for a four book run.  I'm not saying we'll never see him again, but his story will be finished at the end of this book.

Before I get back to work, both IT related and writing, I have an early gift for all of you:


Friday, November 13, 2015


I know I'm a few weeks early, but considering my busy work schedule, I wanted to post this now.  2015 has been an awesome year with me getting three books from my head to Amazon.  I've met countless awesome people through both jobs, IT and writing.  Most importantly, I've made a lot of people laugh and smile with the stuff I write.

So this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for everyone who has supported me.  I'm thankful for the countless people who email me just to say hi.  And I'm really thankful for the fact I get to keep living my dream.  I know this isn't the longest post in the world, but it's an important one.  I hope you all have a great holiday season and my next post will have something extra special for everyone.


Friday, October 30, 2015

I've finally done it... (Plus give-a-way information - Including a signed set of books)

I broke down yesterday and joined Facebook.  For years I've refused to break into the social media thing, for I believe it is pure evil.  That and I don't particularly like airing my personal life to the public.  But due to a recent event I've been invited to, I had to sign up.  And in the sea of endless Jack Crosbys, I put a picture of Death Among Us up as my profile picture, making it easier for anyone who wants to friend me to find me.

So, speaking at this event I've been invited to, in a few weeks the guys over at Two Dudes, Brews, & Books came up with a really cool idea - a re-launch event to get the word out about our books.  We'll be doing give-a-ways, trivia, contests and a bunch of other cool things.  For you Grimm's Reapers fans, I'll be giving away a few kindle copies of Death Among Us, plus to one lucky dude or dudette, a complete signed series of the Grimm's Reapers books.

To learn more about the event, friend my on Facebook as I'll update info as we get closer to the date, which is tentatively scheduled for November 12th from 11 to 4.  And thanks for being awesome readers!


Monday, October 12, 2015

Chapter 3 preview

So tomorrow is the big day my homies, Feast or Famine comes out.  Have you preordered your copy?  No, well that's cool - you're probably a savvy shopper who waits until they can actually read something before you buy it.  Kudos to you.  However, to all of you who did preorder (which was more than I was thinking), thank you so much.  I'm glad you are enjoying my writing and wanted to hop on board the train.

Before the big day tomorrow, let me throw at you one last chapter to get the engines going.  So here we go for the last time before you can read the whole book - Feast or Famine Chapter 3:

I walked by a sleeping Famine to open the door.  Whoever was knocking this early was just asking for a good old fashioned whoopin’.  Unfortunately, the person standing there would not be receiving any sort of ass kicking from me.  The Arch Angel Michael was one tough dude.  He was also a good friend and dedicated ally.

I stepped outside and quietly closed the door.  “What do I owe this morning visit over the Mexican sunrise?”

His friendly eyes shined in my direction.  “I am glad to see you in such good spirits.  I dropped by early because we need to discuss the topic of Dante’s little meeting later today.”

I dropped on to a step and took a seat and he followed suit.  “You mean this fool’s errand of going into Tartarus and trying to kill Abaddon?  Yeah, this sounds like suicide to me.”

“It is without the right tool.  The Almighty has deemed this mission necessary, but what Dante fails to understand is the prerequisite.”

Turmoil brewing Upstairs perhaps?  “What sort of prerequisite are we talking about?”

He reached into his leisure jacket and pulled out an old piece of parchment with a drawing of a sword on it.  I knew exactly what it was, even before he continued.  “This is the Morningstar Blade, Lucifer’s personal weapon.  The Almighty blessed this personally and with such power is the ability to permanently bring down Abaddon.”

I didn’t know that little secondary fact.  “Whoa… if that’s the case, why doesn’t Old Lucifer himself slay the beast?”

He folded his arms.  “For the same reason many of us choose to stay out of Tartarus, the dangers and chances of success are nil at best.  Just because a weapon can kill does not provide the user with the skill to deliver such a blow.”

“No offense, but if Lucifer isn’t skilled enough to take on Abaddon, who is?”

He looked up at the rising sun.  “With the help of the Horsemen, I believe my apprentice Veronica would be able to wield the blade and bring down the monster.”

“You think so?  Why not you?”

“Do not ask questions you already know the answer to.  My handicap makes it impossible for me to ne anything more than a guide.”

I didn’t exactly know what happened to him, but there were always rumblings about Michael suffering a terrible injury.  I wasn’t going to push him for info on that, with everything else going on.  “So Veronica it is huh?” 

He smiled and nodded.  “She is much more capable than she gives herself credit for.  However, this still does not solve one problem.”

“Yeah, there ain’t no way in Hell, literally, that Lucifer’s going to give us his blade to use.”

“This is where you come in Death.  We wish for you to enter his realm and get the blade by any means possible.”

“Ha... haha… hahahaha!”  Was Michael insane?  I was about to find out.  “You do realize after the stunts I pulled on Beelzebub and Astaroth that I’m about as welcome there as ice cubes are?”

He flashed a toothy grin.  “You are the one being above all others that is feared by most Downstairs.  With your powers being close to what they were in the days of old, why can you not undertake this task?”

I knew this wasn’t going to be an optional mission.  “If this is what’s required from me, then of course I’ll do it.  But, I want a promise on your end.”

“I will do whatever I can.”

I pointed over to the window where Astrid’s head was barely visible.  She was doing her best to stay out of sight during her eavesdropping mission, but failed.  “You’ll protect that one and my unborn kid.”

He waved to Astrid who returned the motion and disappeared.  I figured she was on her way outside.  “Your bloodline is going to be a very important figure in the future Death.  We will do our best to keep the two of them safe while you are away.”

My bloodline?  Go figure it’d take an angel to make it sound so over dramatic.  We sat their quietly for a few seconds until the Nyx joined us.  She popped down beside me and greeted Michael.  “Welcome to our home.”

“I can see why the two of you escaped here, it is most peaceful.”

The only noise was the rolling waves from the ocean.  “So you know I gotta go Downstairs, huh?”

“Yeah I heard most of the conversation.  I guess that is safer than Tartarus.”

Michael’s look turned into a frown.  “Once you acquire the sword, you will have to join the others in Tartarus.  I am afraid that your journey Death will be the toughest of them all.”

“Well that just blows then.”

Astrid wasn’t as cordial as I was.  “Oh come on!  This is fucking ridiculous!”

Knowing he was losing his crowd, “I assure you that this is not how we wanted this to unfold, but with Dante pressing forward, we are at a loss for options.  Death, you must understand, we come to you because of our faith in your ability to get the job done.”

I started absentmindedly rubbing Astrid’s very tan and smooth leg.  “How will the others know when I’ve acquired the Morningstar Blade?  Will they wait outside of Tartarus until I return?”

“Dante is stubborn and is going to go forth with his plan.  He does not wish to leave your success up to chance.”

Annoyance broke through Astrid’s voice.  “Didn’t you say that the Morningstar Blade was the only weapon that would kill Abaddon?”

“I did Astrid.”  He beamed in her direction.  “Dante is under the foolish delusions that with enough celestial fire power the demon will succumb to injury.”

“You can’t stop him?”

As the sun began to shine even more, Michael stood up.  “My time here has come to an end.  You can try to talk him out of this foolish quest and you might succeed where I have failed.”  His wings spread out like an eagle’s.  “I must make preparations for your journey which you will embark upon at sunset.”

One, two swooshes and feathers and the angel was high in the air, disappearing from view.  “I’m starting to think he only has bad news when he arrives.”

“I agree, though he did spare us after our last little escapade and didn’t smite you for getting me pregnant.”

I gave her a hard smack on the ass.  “Good for you for seeing the good in everyone!”  Her face turned red at both my words and the gesture.  “Still, I can’t help but get the feeling this is penance for my actions, sending me Downstairs.  Que sara though…”

With nothing left to do outside except stand around like morons, we walked back into the house.  Famine was still snoring on the couch, so I left him there.  He could get his panties in a wad later about my new mission.  I was hungry.

We had a few eggs left and Astrid cracked ‘em open along with her newest invention, fish bacon.  The one bad thing about living with a Nyx is their cat-like tendencies.  This means an unhealthy interest in all things fish.  We had fish burgers, cheese and fish pizza, and now fish bacon.  It wasn’t that greatest thing ever, but Almighty bless her for trying.

As I ate my eggs and fish bacon (which surprisingly wasn’t as bad as I assumed it would be), Famine came crashing in.  “What is that terrible odor?”

I held up a piece of the bacon stuff.  “Fish bacon.  Want to give it a shot?”

His face turned green.  “I will pass thank you very much.  However, if you have any of that coffee drink, I shall gladly take a cup.”

“How the hell do you know about coffee?”

Astrid handed him a cup and he just shrugged.  “Conquest brings me back stuff from his odd trip here and there.”

“Of course he does.”  I watched with morbid amusement as he drank the hot concoction.  “So, not to put a damper on your morning, but Michael just left not too long ago.  I won’t be joining you into Tartarus right away.”

He nearly spit out the coffee which would’ve hit me in the face.  “What do you mean you will not be joining us?  What has the Arch Angel done?”

“Derrick has to go to Hell and retrieve the Morningstar Blade from Lucifer.”

Thank you Astrid for your bluntness.  “She’s right.  I have to try and get the one weapon that will kill that creature.”

He sat the cup down on the old wooden table.  “This is the first I am hearing that a weapon has been made that could kill the creature.  Dante told us that it would take a combined effort of all of us to bring him down.”

“Michael said the Almighty himself blessed the blade and that Veronica, his protégé, would have the skill to wield it against Abaddon, with help from us and our brothers.”

“If this is true, then why would we be going to Tartarus before we had such a weapon?”

“Because,” the voice was behind us, “Michael does not want me to waste resources and wants to leave it all to chance.  I disagree with their assessment.”  Dante was standing at the entrance to our kitchen with Veronica behind him.  “The plan goes ahead, minus one Horseman.”

Friday, September 25, 2015

Chapter 2 (and a reader email)

Morning blogheads.  Before we get to chapter 2, I wanted to take a moment and answer another email I got last night.  I appreciate the honesty in it, so I wanted to share it and my answer with you guys.


I really didn't care for Old War Stories that much, I'm sorry to say.  Death Among Us was funny, witty, and a great read.  The sequel was a bit of a let down I guess, but I still have faith in you.  Can you give me some insight into your next book?  Will we see more of Derrick doing his thing and not trying to be so serious this time?

All the best,


Caleb, no need to apologize for not liking the book.  Everyone's got their taste and if it didn't read well to you, then that's on me, the author.  Believe it or not, Old War Stories was always meant to be a bit more serious, just because of the way I wanted to set events up for Feast or Famine.  Maybe I got a bit too carried away trying to turn it into a serious book and strayed from Derrick's personality.

I hope in Feast or Famine that I recaptured that magic.  This is the book that sets up the last story in this series arc, so I wanted to put my best foot forward.  Are there serious moments?  Yes, of course, but hopefully it plays better with the overall theme of Derrick and his hijinks.

Well enough yacking - here's chapter 2 as promised (and I hope your faith in me in rewarded Caleb):

Chapter 2 - The Lost Brother

We were headed into the little town that wasn’t too far from our beach bungalow.  According to Khloros, Veronica would be here in the morning, so we had no reason to stick around and wait.  The night was a beautiful one for a ride down the dunes.  The village lights broke up the darkness that spread across the sand.

Just outside of town, Astrid and I dismounted and tied Khloros up to a wooden post.  Not that he needed it, but it would look odd for a horse just standing there of its own free will.  “We won’t be long buddy.”

“Take your time.  The night is peaceful and I am quite enjoying it.”

I gave him a pat on his head and we set off from the sand on to the stone path.  It wasn’t the biggest place on Earth, but the people here were really relaxed and laid back.  They lived off the ocean and whatever small amounts of farming they could do.  Our first stop would be to the market to grab some food and some cervezas.

My girl knew exactly what I was thinking.  “Not that I did before, but now I really can’t have any alcohol.”


“You’ve never dealt with a pregnant woman before, have you?”

That was a big fat no.  What do they say about old dogs?  “Does this mean I can’t have any either?”

We entered the market and she began inspecting the latest catch.  “It would be nice for us to be united in everything.”

“Ahh hell that means you want me to be sober.”

She handed me a large fish with its head still attached.  “No, it just means I want you to start thinking as a father and not a millennia old teenager.”

I hated this part of shopping, this shit really stank.  “But you love me because I’m a millennia old teenager.”

She put down whatever weird fruit it was she usually got.  “No, I love you because you have a good heart and generally mean well.  Don’t you think you’ll be getting this same lecture tomorrow?”

“Ahh old Veronica won’t interfere in our business, at least I hope not.”

Giving me that ‘this is hopeless’ look, we kept going.  Once we got enough for a few days, we went up to the front and paid the lady.  Astrid took well to understand the Mexican money system and quickly became the bank for me.  Petty stuff like coins and paper dollars mean little, I just know I have a lot of it.

As we exited, we ran into a familiar face.  “Derrick, Astrid, it’s good to see the two of you again.”

“It’s good to see you too Renee.”  The likable American lady moved down here a few weeks after we did.  She was middle aged and still looked amazing.  Her dark eyes for some reason hinted at knowing her, but I could never place it.  No, I was quite sure we’d never met before.  “And now it’s three of us.”

She squealed as soon as Astrid dropped that bomb.  “You’re going to have a baby?”

“Yeah and it’s a miracle it hasn’t happened sooner.  This one can’t stay out of my pants!”

My face turned red.  “Astrid!  Don’t fucking say that!”

“And don’t curse in front of people, it’s not polite!”

Renee, as always, found us highly amusing.  “Listen, I curse with the best of ‘em and when I was your two’s age, I was fucking my way up and down the east coast.”

For some reason her words were dripping with honesty.  I almost slipped and said depending on where; I might’ve been one of your sack mates.  That would’ve made sense, as seeing as I couldn’t get rid of that feeling we’d met somewhere before.  “Aren’t you the honest one?”

“I have nothing to be ashamed of.  I enjoy sex and used it to my advantage.  These days, it just doesn’t have the same appeal.”

Astrid punched me in the arm.  “Don’t make her talk about her past.  You’re certainly one who has no room to talk.”

That ladies and gentlemen is how you shut me up.  I stood there holding the groceries for another five to six minutes while the two of them talked about baby related topics.  Astrid eventually got annoyed with my foot tapping and the ‘huh’ sounds I started making.  “Sorry Renee, I better get him back to the house before he goes all petulant brat on me.”

“I understand, men like him are a bit on the high maintenance side.”  She gave me a sly wink and bid us good night.

“Oh Derrick, what am I going to do with you?  We’re going to have a child, yet it appears I already have one to deal with.”

I helped her up on Khloros, who wanted to join in on this conversation.  “What did he do this time?”

“The usual, break up any attempts to actually make friends, be annoying, et cetera.”

Khloros gave us his weird horse laugh.  “You eventually get used to it.  Mind you, it took me close to one thousand years to get to the point where I was not bothered.”

“Laugh it up you two chuckleheads.  Without me, neither of you would be alive, so a little more respect should be given.”

And they did, all the way home.  I grabbed the groceries and stormed into the house, pretending to be mad, but I couldn’t be.  Both of those loveable goofs brought much needed entertainment and love to my life.  As I was stocking up the fridge, Astrid stuck her head in.  “You might want to come on outside.”

I scratched my head.  “Why, is there something good waiting for me?”

“It depends on what you mean by good.  And no it’s not my naked body.”

“Well shit, than I doubt this will be good.”  I put the last of the fruit in and closed the door.  Just for precaution sake, I grabbed Leviathan and put it in my shorts pocket.  Call me untrusting, but when dealing with anything unpredictable, I’d rather have a weapon.

I opened the front door and walked out.  Astrid was standing on the porch and just below her was the last person in the whole wide world I expected to see.  “Famine…”

The rider was shorter than me and he was covered head to toe in black robes.  A midnight black stallion was standing over beside Khloros.  He dropped his head, revealing a very young face.  He could very easily pass for my little brother.  His voice rumbled, not matching his body at all.  “Death, it took me some time to find you.”

“Part of not wanting to be found means going to incredible lengths to not be found.”

He gave me a slight smirk.  “I do not mean that as a slight.  Conquest said I would have to search all the back corners of this world to find you.  He was not incorrect.”

Sighing, I sat down on one of our Adirondack chairs and motioned for him to do the same.  As my made his way up, Astrid mumbled about him dragging sand on to her freshly swept porch.  His robes were too big and he wasn’t really graceful on the shifting soil.

Looking at my brother sitting beside me, “So you’re not out here just to visit.  You’ve never once come to see me since I left Eden you prick.”

“This world is not meant for our kind.  I do not enjoy being here.”

Was he right?  Maybe, but that still didn’t make him any less of an asshole for not coming to see me.  “So what do I owe this midnight doorstop?  Got some vacuum cleaners to sell me?”

The joke went right over his head.  “I come bearing tidings of ill omens.  Our time to go to Tartarus and deal with Abaddon is growing near.”

Obviously these guys had been in contact with that nut-job Dante.  “Don’t tell me you guys are still messing with him?  I’ve seen Abaddon and his Wild Hunt up close and it ain’t pretty.”

“Which means we will need you to lead the expedition into Tartarus, as you have experienced the hells there personally.”

This is what happens when you slay a few dire wolves, including their king; people want more out of you.  “I hope you got an army the size of Texas to take in there with us.  Abaddon will eat us all for breakfast and not break a sweat.”

Astrid had obviously heard enough of this.  “I won’t have you throw your life away by confronting that monster!”

Famine addressed her politely.  “We have no choice in this matter.  The Horsemen are servants of the Almighty and with that goes certain responsibilities.  Abaddon has been allowed to grow too much.  Even the mighty Lucifer is afraid of him.”

When you scare the Devil himself, you’re one bad ass.  “Exactly my point!  If we are to do this, we need a plan and not just the four of us go willy-nilly into Tartarus and get our asses kicked.”

“Tomorrow Dante will be joining me here along with our other brothers.  This is still in the planning phase, but we needed to know that you would uphold your position.”

I gave Astrid a very sad look.  “This is one thing I can’t say no to.  I’m a Horseman and when I’m called to duty, I have to answer the summons.”

“I know you do.  Damnit, why do you have to be such a good man?”

Famine looked at her a little more closely.  “It seems I am to be an uncle, is that not correct?”

I rolled my eyes at him.  “Yeah you are.  And if we survive this, I just might let my kid come see you every once in a while.”

He actually gave us a God’s honest smile.  “My lady Astrid, I swear on my life that none shall take your child’s father from you.”

Her eyes were like ice.  “I’m going to hold you to that.”

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Preorder and Paperbacks

Well hello hello.  How's everyone doing today?  Me, I'm just nifty.  I'm actually really f'ing excited because today's been huge.  First, after talking to my author buddy Jeremy Croston, I went ahead and put Feast and Famine up for preorder yesterday.  That was a cool feeling, and even cooler was putting up the final manuscript today.  I need to thank my friend Katie (an English teacher) for taking the time to read it over and correct a lot of my mistakes.  I also want to thank Jeremy again for letting me use his funny character interviews from his blog for the book.  One is an interview with Derrick and the other is an interview with Khloros.  I think they bring even more fun to the book.

With the preorder up, I also decided to get the paperback version of Old War Stories up.  I know I really dropped the ball on that, as I was super busy this summer, but for all of you who like actual books, it'll be available tomorrow.  And Feast or Famine is coming to paperback tomorrow too!  I tried my best to keep the prices down, Old War Stories is $5.99 (US) and Feast or Famine is $6.99 (US).

Tomorrow I'm going to post chapter 2 of the upcoming release - which is slated for October 12th.  I don't really know what to expect with a pre-order, but I'd be pumped if one or two of you grabbed it before release.  Anyways, thanks for being some of the coolest readers on the web and I'll be back tomorrow with chapter 2.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Feast or Famine - Chapter 1

Morning people.  Over the next few weeks I'm going to put up the first few chapters of book 3 - Feast or Famine.  Everything is coming along nicely and the release date might actually be a bit sooner, definitely more towards the beginning of October.  Welp, enough of me and here's the reason your here:

Chapter 1 – You’re What?!

“Congratulations Derrick, you’re going to be a dad!”

I fell back on to the couch.  “Astrid, you can’t be serious?”

She rubbed her perfectly toned stomach.  “Oh I’m dead serious.  You knocked me up good.”


Hey there, sorry I didn’t see you right away.  As you can see I’m dealing with a small crisis, namely the fact I got my girlfriend, Astrid, pregnant.  If you’re new to my adventures, I’m Derrick, also known as the Horseman Death.  Currently I’m living in Mexico out on some remote beach on the west coast with Astrid.

“Are you telling everyone about us?”

“Yeah, I’m getting to the part where I tell them about you.”

She winked.  “Don’t tell them too much.  They might get jealous of what you have.”

Astrid is a Nyx, a feline sex spirit.  Her other form is of a harmless housecat.  Some become lions or even tigers, like her brother.  Astrid was supposed to be the next queen, but after our ‘unfortunate’ visit, she’s stuck with me.

So here we are, just the two of us.  There used to be more, Roxanne the Lust demon and Veronica the angel were part of our little group.  Veronica’s probably back in heaven where she belongs, but poor Roxanne.  She was the first woman to ever really get me out of my rut of being a callous man-whore.

Then a cold hearted bitch named Sabrina ripped her from my life.  The bastard child of Beelzebub, the little witch mind-melted the Lust demon and I had to reap her soul.  I hope she got to go Upstairs.  She deserved that fate.

A hand brushed up against my ear.  In a low purr, “I can’t even begin to tell you how horny I am.”

“You being horny is what got us into this situation!  What do you think the angels are going to say once they find out I’m reproducing?”

She flopped over the couch into my lap.  I had to swallow real hard as she was only wearing a thong and one of my t-shirts.  “There are no rules against that.  Are there?”

I strained really hard to remember if anyone ever told me to keep my seeds from causing this sorta mayhem.  “I don’t think so, but I know it was probably most definitely discouraged.”

She booped me on the nose.  “Well I do enjoy a rule breaker.  Why don’t you stop fussing and give me a jolly good Rogering!”

“Did you just use a pirate sex euphemism?”

Licking my ear, “Did it work?”

If you know me at all, then the answer is a strong yes.  Picking her up, I carried Astrid back to our bed and tossed her down.  “I guess I don’t have to worry about any more of my little guys finding the mark huh?”

The way she landed, the shirt came up, really showing off her incredible abs.  “Mmmm, I’m going to fuck you good tonight Astrid.”

Using her foot, she hooked around my hip and pulled me down.  “Don’t you forget who’s in control.  And that’s Queen Astrid to you.”

He tan, toned legs wrapped around me, not letting me go.  Leaning in, we started kissing like teenagers in a car, our tongues going wild in each other’s mouths.  I worked my hands up under the shirt, her small yet firm breasts becoming putty in my hands.

As I pinched one of her nipples, she twisted in such a way that my stiffening muscle rubbed against the thin fabric of her panties.  I quickly unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the floor, freeing myself before I lost control.  As it touched the soft cotton, the feeling sends lightning bolts through me.

Astrid was not much for waiting.  Pulling the panties to the side, I slid right in with no resistance.  Her eyes rolled into the back of her head.  “Holy shit that feels good!”

The urge overcame me and I start thrusting as hard as I can.  All I want to do is empty myself into her again, not carrying what this has done before.  Her eager eyes gave me extra motivation not to let her down and fill her up with all the goodness I can muster.

Her yellow, feline eyes stare darts at me as she picks up the pace.  I grip on to her hips tightly, knowing what little control I still have is about to end.  As my orgasm comes, I shudder, emptying myself deep into her.  Sweat is dripping off my face as she clenches up and joins me in a shared moment of bliss.

Her feet unlocked and I fell to the cool bed, joining her.  “Damn, you’re a frisky little vixen aren’t you?”

“You like it, probably a bit too much.  However,” she propped her head up on her hand, “I couldn’t imagine another man filling those desires for me.”

“No other dick is allowed near you!”

She was joking, but always found my mock anger amusing.  “No other could replace you my love.  And now we have a truly shared connection, a child that we created!”

For Astrid this must’ve been the greatest thing since sliced bread.  For a female Nyx, becoming a mother is the ultimate ambition.  In their culture, you replace yourself, so most women hoped for a daughter.  Obviously it was too soon to tell what we were having, as I just found out about this a half hour ago.

We enjoyed the cool breeze that was blowing through the window, off the ocean.  The moon was starting to show in the evening sky and shined through the window as well.  The scene was downright perfect as we continued to lounge around.

“Do you think anyone will come find us?”

Her question was a good one and one that held heavy over us.  After we killed her mom and the Arch-Demon Astaroth, Michael, the Arch Angel said we would be needed in the future.  Since then, I haven’t heard a single word from any angels or my brothers.  “I guess all we can do is wait.  You’re immortal now, so eventually someone always comes for you.”

“You come for me two of three times a day.”  She added a sly lick of the lips to it.

It made me laugh, but she knew which buttons to touch upon.  “Let’s face it, if I didn’t, you’d just get pissed I wasn’t fucking you enough.”

“Well, this might be true, but remember just how much I love you.”

A soft thud occurred over by the window.  Khloros, my horse in actual horse form, had his head inside the cottage.  “If you two are done with such nonsense, it would be wise to head into town this evening and get our supplies.  The weather will not be kind tomorrow.”

We were like two teenagers and he was like our dad.  “Did you hear the news buddy?  You’re going to be an uncle!”

His eyes left me and went over to Astrid.  “You are with child?”

“Yes, I felt the conception this morning.  Isn’t it wonderful?”

He neighed rather loudly.  “Well the two of you continue to buck the rules, so let me extend my congratulations.  Derrick, you could have done much worse I suppose.”

“Hey!” Both of us shouted at him in unison.

“If that is the case, we should reach out to Veronica with this.  If it becomes known that you have a child Death, he or she may become a target and we both know of someone who would use that against you.”

He was referring to the witch Sabrina.  “We haven’t been in contact with anyone in weeks.  For all we know they just want me to melt away into the sunset.”

Either way, I will attempt to reach out to her.”  He pulled his head out of the window and I could hear his hooves pound into the sand as he went to do his thing.

Astrid liked Veronica, so she didn’t seem all too bent out of shape.  “Veronica should know.  She was an important friend to us.”

Oh yeah and she saved Astrid when she accidently ended up in Washington D.C.  “Well, if you’re cool with it, then I’ll be okay.”

She wrapped her arms around my neck.  “You’re a good man Derrick.”

“I wouldn’t go that far, but hey as Khloros said, you could’ve done worse.”

“I think he was talking to you when he said that.”

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cover Reveal Book 3

At this point, you probably didn't expect to hear from me so soon.  Well I'm far enough along in the book that I feel comfortable revealing the cover for the next book.  But before I do, all the email and support I got yesterday was awesome.  Because of that, I decided to run a sale starting tomorrow on Death Among Us and Old War Stories.

Death is going to be on sale for 99 cents for the next 7 days and War Stories is going to be free.  How can you beat that?!  2 books for 99 cents?  Jack you must be insane!  Well I am, and I think that's why you all like my books.  I hope you all take advantage if you haven't read any of them yet, as the book 3 train is getting closer to the station.

I'll answer one question quick before I reveal the cover and call it a day.  Marc wanted to know if Derrick was finally going to curve his womanizing ways.  Well, he tries, I'll give him that much credit, but he's still Derrick after all.  Plus his new fling just happened to be the inspiration for this...


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Book 3 updates

Hey everybody, long time no blog.  I was on vacation for a week and a half and then I ended up taking a job in San Fran, helping an old friend of my dad's.  While all that was going on, I was still writing away on Book 3.

Honestly, I can't remember where we left off so I'll just take things from the top.  The title for book 3 is Feast or Famine and of course the titular Horseman will be making an appearance.  I don't want to say much about Famine's appearance yet, as it will be an important part of the story.

What I can tell you is the first part of the story takes place in Hell, as Derrick and a new ally are after an important artifact that will help out with another mission that's going on at the same time involving Derrick's brothers.  Of course in Hell, Derrick runs into more women problems (c'mon, Astrid is cool and all, but Derrick is well, Derrick).  The secondary female lead is an interesting character that might be even more manipulating (in a good way) then even Roxanne was.

Speaking of Roxanne, she still has an important part to play.  At the end of Old War Stories, you find out she's now in the employee of The Upstairs, specifically Michael.  She finds out her new charge will be on the scene in about 9  months...

I'm trying to instill both action, comedy, of course sex, and spin a tale that engages everyone.  I'm trying my best to keep this book light hearted and not take itself too seriously.  I have a clear path I want to go with everyone and that's helped out a lot.

I'm still on target for a Halloween release, hopefully.  Looking at my calendar, I have October 27th circled as my proposed release date, so we'll see.  The story kinda writes itself, but I don't want to rush things if it's not there.  Stay posted and I'll confirm that date a bit closer to time.<br>

I hope everyone has a great week and if you are new to the Grimm's Reapers books, I released a combined edition called Grimm's Reapers (clever, I know) on Amazon.  Buy or borrow, I hope you enjoy it.



Friday, July 17, 2015

Ramblings from a Mad Man

Hi everyone. Let me bitch for a moment. My boss (aka dad) gets a job for the company in Canada. He's the one who's supposed to take it. Well you damn well can't go on a job when you're scheduled for a Caribbean vacation. So he calls me and poof, I'm off to the great white north.

Thankfully I'm back. Canada was okay, but not my ideal place. Besides, the WiFi at the hotel was horrible. So when I got back I noticed a few emails that slipped through the cracks. Most were about Old War Stories. The readers have spoken and didn't quite care for the direction I chose to go.

I'm surprised as I like OWS more than Death. That's cool though, I appreciate the feedback and I'd be an ass to think everyone would like everything. So with that being said, I have good news. For the next installment, I'll be returning to the more light hearted adventure that Death was. That was always the plan in this 4 part story line, trying for some ups and downs.

Most importantly, thanks for sticking by me as I keep fine tuning my writing. Look for Derrick to return around Halloween for his most dangerous/crazy adventure to date.


Friday, June 26, 2015

reader interaction

Hi people, I'm back. Terrible confession, my laptop blew up. But jack, aren't you an IT guy?  No comments from the gallery. Anyway, I bought myself a new one and also a tablet because everyone needs one.

So how's everyone enjoying Old War Stories? I hope it's as good a sequel as you were hoping. I know I had fun writing it. Speaking of, I'm already planning out the third book. I won't start writing it anytime soon, but I am starting the outline process.

With that in mind, is there anything you guys want to see our stuff I should cut out? I have an idea of where Derrick is headed next, but I always appreciate reader input. Also if you comment down below, if it's a spoiler, mark it that way so others can avoid it if they haven't read OWS yet.

I'll be back next week with another crazy idea I'd like to share. Until then, I look forward to hearing from everyone.


Monday, June 1, 2015

Book Sale this Week

Hey readers! Sorry for being MIA last week, I got a call for an emergency job and took it on short notice, but I'm back. I also come bringing good news. This week, from June 2nd - June 9th, Death Among Us is going to be on sale in the Kindle bookstore for 99 cents. ON top of that, on the 2nd and 3rd, Old War Stories will be free. I've lost my mind in the savings being given away here!

Well not really lost my mind, but I want to make it as lucrative as possible for everyone to try my books. I know my style isn't for everyone, but if you enjoy off the wall antics, a loose grip on reality, and lots of debauchery, I think I've got two stories for you. If you don't like that sort of thing, buy the books any way and give them as gifts to the degenerate in your life!

With all that being said, I really hope if you do download the books that you enjoy them. Also feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to shoot the shit. Sound good? Good.

Until next time,


Friday, May 22, 2015

Old War Stories - Release Details and Chapter 1 Preview

Yesterday's post was short and rambling due to my sleep deprivation.  Late last night, I got the email from Amazon saying that Old War Stories was officially available in the Kindle Bookstore (for both purchase and borrowing).  Here's the link for easy access: Old War Stories - Amazon

 Well, in honor of my second book going live, here is the first chapter of Old War Stories for you to enjoy:

Chapter 1 – A Feline Among Us

The cat looked at me and gave me a weird feline grin.  Its yellow eyes were way too intelligent, like it knew what it was about to do.  And then, “MEOW!!!”
“Roxanne, come get this thing!  It’s making noise and it stinks!”
Walking into the room, “Derrick, it is just a kitten!  Come here precious.”  She reached down and took the thing out of my hands.
“That thing is a terror!  It’s worse than those two Greed demons we put down by the docks.”
In case you’re new here, my name is Derrick Grimm and the good looking lady holding the cat is my sidekick Roxanne.
Getting slapped on the head, “Oww!  What was that for?”  Roxanne’s eyes were flashing red.
“I am far more than just your sidekick!  Don’t you make me sound like some waif who is reliant upon you!
“Wait, how did you know what I was thinking?”
With an evil grin, “I know everything.”  With that, she took the feline terror and walked back to the kitchen.
Where was I?  Oh yeah, I’m Derrick and that was my business partner, girlfriend, and all around awesome lady Roxanne.
“That is much better!”  Good lord, I need to be careful around her.
Anyways, the two of us run this little private eye agency in south Philly called Death Among Us.  We handle very sensitive cases if you catch my drift.  We’re also a lot more than what we seem, which is a nice way of saying we aren’t human.  Don’t worry, neither was the cat I was just holding.  No, that thing was a lot more than just some poor stray.
“Have you gotten to the part where you told the people I’m a sex demon and you’re the Horseman Death?”
“No I haven’t and you just ruined it for me!  C’mon, why do you always do this to me?”
There was no answer.  That figures, she takes the thunder and leaves me with the small details.  Well, she’s right.  I’m the Horseman Death, brother of War, Conquest, and Famine.  Those three hang out in Eden, the Garden of Eternity while I slum it up on Earth.  As for Roxanne, she is a Lust demon (a succubus if you will) and the daughter of the most dangerous one, Lilith.
So, how did we get paired up?  A very interesting question with an equally interesting answer.  Well she tricked the shit out of me to take care of her former boss, and lover, Beelzebub.  In the process, I was able to tap back into my celestial fire and regained a bit of my former glory.
So the two of us stuck together after that, settling in Philadelphia and opening this little agency.  So far, most of our clients were humans who’d dabbled in something they shouldn’t have and brought a demon over.  Those were the easy jobs that paid well too.
Unfortunately with our current case, it seemed something a bit more was happening.  I guess we should take this story from the top.
**Two Days Earlier**
Good night she was loud, but it’d been a few days and Roxanne was horny.  I hadn’t even made it to the bedroom before she jumped me.  Not that I’m complaining, trust me.
The Lust demon was mounted on me, my pants still halfway on, and giving into her inner desires.  “Impale me with your scythe!  Ughhhh!!!”
She was a bit campy when she got into this state, but I was too caught up in the actual physical acts to care.  It had been a few days for me too after all and I was enjoying the extra special care I was receiving.  The best part is when she was totally gone like this, she did most of the work.  Granted in a few hours or so, I’d be expected to pay back, but que sara.
She ripped my shirt away and grabbed my shoulders for leverage.  It happened before I could do a damn thing about it.  She tightened up around me and a few extra gyrations for my benefit.  She looked me directly in the eye, “FILL ME NOW!!!”
That always does it.  I don’t know about you, but when a hot girl commands me to do something, I tend to go along with it.  I finished up well before her, but she kept working and coaxed out another, smaller, orgasm from me.
When she finished, she collapsed on the floor beside me, the sex minx gone, replaced by the sweet Angel-Friend that the Arch-Angel Michael had bestowed her as.  “Phew, I needed that!  You shouldn’t keep me waiting lover boy!”
I was insulted.  “Umm, you were the one saying I needed to take on more clients.  I do believe you told me the rent doesn’t pay itself.”
She poked me on the nose.  “You’re so cute when you’re riled up.  Oh yeah!”  She jumped up and hiked her skirt back up, “Veronica called and is on her way over.”
“Roxanne, you’re killing me, you know that?”
She just winked and scattered off to get ready for our visitor.  Veronica was an angel and a particularly cool one in my book.  She got me out of a bad contract I once signed with a traitor named Yuri.
I too got myself presentable and went out to the front office area of our apartment/agency.  We got a great deal on the office front and the one bedroom pad right behind it.  And by ‘we,’ I mean Roxanne.  She charmed the pants off the landlord, literally.  It was quite the embarrassing scene, especially in front of his wife.
“Hey, you made dinner?”  I walked in to the kitchen full of wonderful smells.  Tonight it seemed meatloaf was on the menu.
“Of course, I thought it would be rude to not invite her to dine with us.”  She bent over and popped open the oven.  In one swift motion, she pulled out a perfectly cooked meal.  “Stop gawking at my ass and set the table.”
“Yes dear.”  Caught again!  None-the-less she wasn’t wearing any underwear and my curious nature was rewarded.  Doing as I was told though, I got three places settings in order just as the office door bell rung.  Our guest was here.
“Roxy, Derrick, you two back there?”
“Yeah, we’re in the kitchen!  Roxanne made you dinner.”
It only took a few moments, but a beautiful blonde Angel walked in.  Just like every other time I’ve seen her, she was dressed in a business suit and had a brief case with her.  She smiled as she walked in.  “Roxy, you did not have to go to the trouble.”
“It was nothing, besides what you don’t eat, the garbage disposal,” she pointed at me, “will take care of.”
The three of us gathered around the table.  To no one’s great surprise, I put away quite a few pieces of meatloaf, plus two baked potatoes.  Neither of the girls ate that much, which gave them ample time to talk about way the angel was here.
“I have recently received a disturbing request in this area.  I know the agreement is no longer in place, but I thought I might try to bring you in on this one Derrick, if you are up for it.”
My mouth was full, so Roxanne answered on behalf of both of us.  “For you, we will do anything.  Tell us more about this request darling.”
She grabbed her briefcase and pulled out a file.  “A few nights ago, an anomaly was reported, a minor spirirt was abducted from its home.  A local coven of witches somehow got their hands on it and are up to something.  Intel suggests they might be trying to call an Arch-Demon.”
Well that didn’t sound good.  “How long ago did this happen?  And what type of minor spirit are we dealing with?”
“We are not sure when the abduction took place or how it all ended up here.  As for the spirit itself, right now that is going to stay classified.”  She looked at us, and something struck me as odd.  “At first we were tempted to handle this on our own, but after a meeting with Michael, it was decided to reach out to you.”
Ignoring my hunch something was off for the time being, “Hmm… where do we start our investigation?”
She handed me the report to read while she talked.  “Down by the docks of the Delaware River.  If possible, would you be able to go down there tonight and see if we missed anything?”
Roxanne smiled and knocked my fork out of my hand.  “You can eat later, we’ve got a job!”
 “But I’m still hungry…”