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Friday, March 18, 2016

Exciting News!

I'm way overdue for an update, but this week has been pretty awesome.  First I had a very easy, yet well paying job in my own town of Chicago that's going to pay the rent in April.  Second, I got to talking to a fellow author who has this amazing idea for a book, but won't be able to get to it any time soon.  As we talked, I knew this was a subject I could handle and really spice up.  So when it came time to talk some incentives, he sold me the rights to the story and I'm pumped.

Before we get into the new material, this is going to push The Witch Wars to the back burner for now.  When I thought about it, I ended up thinking this was a pretty good idea, as I'd been doing the world of Grimm's Reapers for a long time now.  Maybe a break from it would be best for both the author and the readers.  Don't lose out on hope though - Oz Grimm's story will be told, just not next as originally planned.

As for the new story, here's the premise:

A star hockey player has a secret - he's actually an Ice Elemental from a long family of arcane masters.  Unfortunately, instead of using his powers to help rid the world of demons and their ilk, he uses it for self gain and to make lots of money.  Unfortunately, he can't run forever from his lineage and it's going to be a long way down for our "hero."

A main character after my own heart!  Forget doing the right thing, we need fame, fortune, and ladies!  Anyways, this story is obviously in the planning stages and needs to be done right.  As I get more into details, I'll update you as I progress.  Keep it real cyberworld and I'll see you next week.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Future of the Grimm's Reapers series

My popular One Star Theatre will be back next week as I'm in Seattle on assignment.  This week I wanted to talk about the future books coming for the Grimm's Reapers characters.  If you haven't finished the series yet, you should probably do so before continuing on.

So I'm sure you'll all be glad to hear that I am going to do a short story based on Roxanne's history.  It's going to be part of an anthology I'm writing with fellow authors Jeremy Croston, Jeff Trelewicz, and Morganna Williams.  The whole premise will once again throw real history under the bus as she cusses and sleeps her way to the end.

A second anthology will be coming out sometime this summer, but it'll be all my own stories.  There will be four of them to be exact, introducing us to the main characters to the new series starring Oz Grimm, The Witch Wars.  I'm not going to give away much here, except the names of the characters:

The Human - Caspian Zane
The Witch - Cassandra Zane
The Angel - Jessie Torres
The Demon - Oz Grimm

Each one will have their own little 10-12K story that gives the background on them.  Stay tuned for that, like I said this summer.  Well, I need to get cleaned up and go make some bacon.  See you all next week when the Review Samurai finds another troll that needs beheaded,