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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Project with Morganna Williams

Hey everyone. Sorry for being MIA last week, the real world caught up with me. Those pesky job things, what are they thinking for taking up so much time?! ::shakes fist angrily::

As many of you know, I'm good writing pals with erotic novelist, Morganna Williams. Last year at some point, the two of us thought it'd be great fun to join forces and write a story together. Well, that story is very close to coming true. Half FBI procedural drama, half erotic novel, the working title is Under Leo's Hands. Here's a quick and snappy synoposis:

FBI agent Leo Jackson is on the trail of a serial killer who targets beautiful ladies with grey eyes with the intent to put them in his collection of dolls. Having lost his partner, Leo hunts for this psychopath on his own, with little back up.

Erotic novelist Mona Hyatt is in a rut when it comes to her writing. Preoccupied with visiting BDSM chatrooms, she gets lost in a sea of self pleasure. Unbeknownst to Mona, her and her grey eyes are the latest target to the serial killer. The only way she's going to be able to survive is if she can let herself trust Leo and submit to his protection.

I'm very happy with how the story turned out. It's got action, sex, more action, and thrills by the minute. The serial killer, Dollface, may be one of the most intriguing characters in a novel in a good long time. His demented actions and cruel nature give the story an antagonist worth rooting against.

Over the next few weeks, look for snippets here and there, as well as a cover reveal. This has been one of my most ambitious projects and I am glad that I got to share in it with Morganna.


Friday, July 7, 2017

The Electric Mile: Nominated!

Hey people, it's Friday which normally means a Freebie Friday with Jack story. We'll get back to those next week as something really cool happened yesterday. As many of you know, The Electric Mile just came out on June 29th. Somehow, someway, it got nominated for the Summer Indie Book Awards, even though nominations ended on July 1st. How in the hell did that happen? No clue! But, as my dad once told me, ignorance is bliss.

From what I gathered in my investigation into the award, voting begins on September 1st. The awards are being hosted by Metamorph Publishing and this is the second year they are being offered. Last year, quite a few rather well known authors won in their categories along with a few undiscovered writers getting their first exposures.

I'm also quite proud to be representing the adult fiction categories. For some readers, authors who use sex and adult activities as a writing vehicle are frowned upon. I know so many of you and have read your books. They are well written and have excellent stories to go with the hanky-panky parts. Today, I plan to look over the list to see if more authors than just me were nominated. I hope so, as I want as many of us recognized for the great writing we provide.

I'm going to end today's post with a thank you to everyone. I'm not sure who nominated me, but if my book resonated with just one reader, that is more than I could've ever have hoped for.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wip-It-Up Wednesday

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another great Wednesday. I hope you enjoy the two excerpts I have up for today's...

First up is a short clip from my brand new release, The Electric Mile!

I was back in the Neon Underground. This was odd. Something told me that I wasn’t supposed to be here. But I couldn’t place it. Either way, I followed the path down into the market place just to check things out. The different guns, blades, and armor that they were selling were pretty damn cool.

While I was checking out a modified pistol called a Repeater, I felt a hand touch my shoulder. Turning around, “You!”

“Welcome back, Ash,” Ira greeted me warmly. She was in charge of this place. “Though if you prefer, I can call you Vector, as the others do.”

Vector was a cool name, but when she called me Ash, it made me melt. “No, no Ash is fine.” I turned around and pointed to the Repeater. “Pretty cool firearm, huh?”

“I’m a healer; I’m not much of a frontline fighter.” She looped her arm through mine. “Come, there is much I’d like to show you.”

We went on a tour around the Neon Underground. All of this felt so much like déjà vu. She said welcome back, as if I’d been here before and met her. Had I met her? I couldn’t quite reach this fleeting memory that was drifting in the back of my mind. It was just out of reach.

Finishing up the tour at her office, “I hope everything was to your satisfaction.”

That was odd, why would I need to be consulted. “You’re doing a fine job, anyone with two eyes can see that.”

Ira gave me a small bow. “Thank you, sir. I do my best.”

“Have we met before, Ira?”

As soon as I asked the question, everything went fuzzy. When it focused back in, “I’m glad everything is up to your standards. Still, if you feel the need to discipline me…”

Her intoxicating butt, still covered by her pencil skirt, was presented to me. What was I asking again? It didn’t matter. I gently patted her ass, each pat reacting with a giggle from Ira. She looked back around, “You tease. Don’t hold back, Ash.”

If she was asking… “Okay.” No longer holding back, my hand cracked her soft ass, sending it wiggling under her skirt. God I loved that. Once more, and I listened carefully to her moans. “Is that what you needed?”

“Again,” she cooed. “I’m such a naughty girl.”

Carefully rolling up her skirt, I saw her bare ass staring at me. I inhaled the musky scent of lust from her exposed love hole. If she wanted a good spanking, she’d get one. Each time my palm connected with her, it was a well-placed, loving blow. After the fourth or fifth strike, I couldn’t help but notice how wet she’d gotten. The spanking had done its job. She was ready.

I unbuckled my pants, freeing myself. As each inch slid into her, something amazingly right washed over me. I’m not sure what it was, but it sent me straight into a far too early orgasm. But Ira never blinked. She took it all in with just a smile.

We kept going after. Every so often as I bucked my hips against her, I added a spank to her supple ass. The added contact was driving my girl crazy. Her intensity picked up, and then mine did. Soon, we were fucking like wild animals, not being able to get enough of each other’s touch.

The second orgasm was the most fulfilling sensation I’d ever had. Ira came with me, the beauty of the scene overwhelming both of us. As soon as the last drop of cum found its way into her, I went limp. Seconds later, when she finished, she joined me and we collapsed to the floor. All I could do was wrap my arms around her and bring her in close.

Ira nibbled on my ear. Then, in a low voice, “You have to go back soon.”

“What do you mean?”

A tear fell from her eye. “You have to go back.” She touched my heart. “Remember this feeling. One day, you’ll experience it again.”


I woke up in a cold sweat. I’d been asleep inside our tent, right outside Binary Cove. I’d been dreaming, but I couldn’t remember about what. The feeling had been so real, yet now that I was awake, I had no recollection of what happened. I sat there for a few minutes, trying to will myself into remembering. Eventually, when nothing returned to me, I laid my head back down, to finish resting up.

As my eyes shut once more, a lovely blonde woman welcomed me as I drifted back off to sleep. I dozed off in her warm embrace.

If you'd like to read the entire book, you can find it on Amazon! Just head over to my author page:
My next offering is from a title that is currently in the works with talented author, Morganna Williams. The project title is Facebook Killer and here's what we got today!

My experience with the opposite sex wasn’t all that great. From what I could tell in this room, I loved them. “I think bad girls are sexy.”

Then she did the weirdest thing. She leaned over my lap. “Bad girls are sexy. We’re even sexier when we are punished, Mister.”

The way she said Mister, it was so damn sexy. “How are bad girls punished?”

She grabbed my hand and guided it to her leather clad ass. “Spank me, Mister. Make me beg for your forgiveness.”

She wanted me to spank her? I hesitated, unsure of what to do. I rubbed the leather for a moment before an impulse overcame me. I lifted my hand high in the air and hit her ass with everything I had. Flesh met leather and it cracked like a whip. My nasty little bartender let out a moan I’d never forget.

“Mister, oh Mister, harder! You don’t know how bad I’ve been!”

At her urging, I connected again on her ass and again. With each successive crack of the hand, Mindy let out breathless sighs that told me she was very much enjoying this. Going with it, I grabbed the waist of her pants and pulled them down. There was no underwear, just a bare ass. It was getting red from the punishment.

She looked back, her grey eyes meeting mine. “You’re entering the Land of No Return. You spank me now, and you’ll never be able to give it up.”

I didn’t respond with words, I responded with the flat of my hand. The feel of her soft skin under the contact sprang my semi erection into a full blown hard-on. Seeing my handiwork against her pearly white ass was a joy in of itself.

My next crack got a bit closer to her womanhood. There was heat coming off of it. When I plunged my finger down, I could feel just how wet this made her. It only took two strokes of my middle finger to get a mine tremble from her. Feeling around some more, I ran my hand through her small tuft of hair.

Her voice was unsteady. “Mister, can you finish the job? Can you really show me whose boss?”

I picked her off my lap and placed her ass down on the couch. Her pants were around her thighs, so I pushed them down a bit further over her boots, giving me leverage to insert my throbbing erection into her. Her eyes widened as I entered, a guilty pleasure shared by the both of us in that moment.

My sense of horniness took over. There’d be no slow build up, there’d only be maximum pleasure at warp speed. I don’t know how long it took, not long I am sure, for me to dump all of my seed into Mindy’s precious womb. On the second rope, the feeling of my cum against her brought her to her orgasm point and she let loose a wild scream as her body succumbed to mine.

When we were finished, she looked over at me. With satisfaction in her eyes, “You’ve made me yours, Mister.”


Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday Musings

So a friend of mine told me that I need to blog more. I've been doing my best to show up here a few times a week. I think I'm going to do a blog on Mondays going over some weekend thoughts. It was a busy weekend with a lot happening.

Thought 1:

My new book, The Electric Mile, has been published by Baronet Press. For $3.99, you can get an action packed, adult content adventure that is reminiscent of the classic movie Tron. Here is a quick recap of the story:

Ash Wilde (also known by his gamer handle of Vector) doesn’t have the greatest of lives. Besides being a homeless high school dropout, he doesn’t even have enough money to buy a burrito. Don’t worry though, things will get better for him. You see, as one of the world’s greatest gamers, he’s about to get up close and personal with the world of The Electric Mile, the rage of players everywhere. What’s so great about this game? No one’s beaten it, yet.

Once he gets pulled into the game’s master file, he’s living inside the game in real time. Ash soon discovers there’s a lot more to The Electric Mile than anyone realizes. With the assistance of some busty beauties, Ash decides to help everyone by beating the game from the inside. What follows is a crazy, action packed, naughty adventure that answers one very important question: Can anyone survive The Electric Mile?

If that sounds good to you, here is the link -

Thought 2:

I watched the Manny Paq fight on Saturday night. Man, boxing is full of crap. I'm not professional judge, but when I see one guy who got his ass kicked around the ring by another guy, it's pretty easy to see who the winner is. Sorry Jeff Horn, you may have come to fight but you got ass kicked. You did not win that fight and you should probably stop trying to act like you did.

Thought 3:

With bacon on my mind, as it usually is, I went to my local butcher and found a few slices of perfection. I just wanted to publically shout out to my butcher, Frank Mahoney, for cutting the perfect strips. They went so well with my burgers and beer. I have to work this week, so I celebrated the 4th on Sunday. I hope where ever you are, you have a great and safe holiday.

Until next time guys.


Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Freebie with Jack #2 - Enter the Crusades!

Who is ready for the second part of our story? I know I am.

Enter the Crusades!

“This place is creepy as hell,” I said to Khloros as we entered.

And not just from the smell of demons. The dead, they were restless here and the Reaper walking in was like an invitation to come out. These souls weren’t properly put to rest. They were given half rites, causing them to be trapped on this realm. My heart went out to them. Eventually, I would need to take care of this.

Unfortunately, that moment wasn’t right now. With War out giving into his need to slaughter things, I was left alone in this mausoleum crawling with demons. And the first batch to slaughter just arrived.

Imps, fifty to sixty imps shot out of one of the tombs along the wall. “Khloros,” I sighed. “It never ends…”

“That it doesn’t, Death.”

Imps are the lowest of the low in terms on demonic hierarchy. Think cockroaches with buggier eyes, really. As the army of imps flew, crawled, flopped towards me, Leviathan joined the party, as well as my celestial fire. This wasn’t going to be pretty.

The blade of the scythe met the first wave of poor assholes as they got into range. The familiar squish and splat associated with popping imp heads filled the air. Khloros, a bit more refined than I was, charged into groups of imps, using his hooves like a fighter would use his fists. He was getting pretty good at that.

The imp slaughter went on for a bit longer. I’ll save you the glory details, but the residents of the mausoleum weren’t pleased that their pristine marble home was being covered in guts, slime, and black, tar-like blood. Oh well, they were dead, they shouldn’t even be here.

As the last imp was sent to the Pit, someone began clapping. “Bravo, what a spectacular show put on by a wonderful showman.”

There was a stairwell that led down, deeper into the tomb off to the east end of the building. That’s where our new friend had risen from, a very large Wrath demon. “I aim to entertain,” I replied back with some snark.

“Forgive me, horseman.” The Wrath demon gave me an exaggerated bow. “I am General Markos, liege to the Arch Demon Baal.”

Great, this just wasn’t any old demonic shindig, this involved Baal. To give you an idea, Baal’s feared even amongst the angels, second only to Beelzebub in Lucifer’s fallen court. If he was here…

“My master sends his regards to any who try to oppose his plan,” Markos went on. “That would seem to include you, Reaper.”

Knowing an Arch Demon wasn’t underground waiting for me, I felt a little better. Still, I had a very impressive looking Wrath demon to take care of. “It’s a shame your master sent you. I do hope you enjoy your journey to the Pit, courtesy of yours truly.”

He unhooked the axe on his back and with my scythe, the two instruments of killing met in a shower of sparks.

As always, come back next Friday and we will see what old Death gets himself into once again. Until next week!

Oh and make sure you check out Morganna Williams and her blog, as her Friday Freebie will be up later today:


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Annoucement: The Electric Mile

So team, big announcement today. Earlier this year I had a book called The Electric Mile up on Amazon for a cup of coffee before pulling it down for various reasons. Today, I'm happy to report that The Electric Mile is back in business all thanks to the good people at Baronet Press Publishing. Casey McKay and her team have been fantastic to work with and I couldn't be happier that they took a chance with a story that I consider to be one of my finest.

With its release right around the corner, what I'd like to share with you guys today is the awesome cover that their designer, Craig, came up with for the book.

To me, this perfectly captures the video game like feel that the plot line has.

Before I go, I wanted to bring back the playlist I listened to while writing this book. Some of you might remember it from before, but for those who are new, here's the 14 song mix-tape I created to jam out to while dropping some words on pages:

The Electric Mile Soundtrack

Thunderstruck - AC/DC
Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin
Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Creep - Radiohead
Here I Go Again - White Snake
War Pigs - Black Sabbath
Slow Ride - Foghat
Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum
Showdown - Electric Light Orchestra
Baba O'Riley - The Who
Volunteers - Jefferson Airplane
The Unforgiven - Metallica
Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce

I encourage you to get those songs through legal means and when you grab your copy here soon, jam out just like I did.

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow for the second part of the Friday Freebies with Jack, as we continue looking into the past of Derrick Grimm, aka Death!


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Friday Freebie with Jack #1 - Enter the Crusades!

Welcome friends to the brand new segment I was rambling about earlier in the week. We kick off the series getting in the way-back machine and heading to the Crusades. Death (not Derrick this time around) has his hands full with his brother, War. Let the shenanigans ensue!

Enter the Crusades #1

The Crusades – humans creating conflict for the sake of killing each other. Why War and I were called to duty over any more than capable angel was beyond me, but alas, here we were. Nothing made me more irritated than being called away from my all day and night party life than to be paired up with War. The guy could suck the fun out of a Bacchus inspired orgy if given the chance. And he would never be given the chance.
And you’d think that’d be the worst of it! Nope, just a few weeks earlier we ran afoul of a being called Vlad he Impaler. A demon-infused vampyre, War and I barely escaped that mess. But that’s a story for another time. Nope, we were in the midst of a battle against the Turks. This was more of a human problem than a divine problem, but Michael asked us to continue all for one reason: to gain the Spear of Longinus.
The spear was one of the holiest of relics out there. War and I originally got involved in the Crusades due to the pushback against the church. Demons were influencing the other side and the power of the horsemen was needed to draw them out and slay the unholy creatures. But, with the discovery of the spear, this became priority number one.
Night had fallen and while trying to sneak away, the battle found us. So here we were, engaged with numerous Turks alongside the Christian warriors. “This is great fun,” War shouted in Latin.
“You’re idea of fun is so foolishly skewed!”
On top of my best friend and horse, Khloros, the two of us followed War and his steed, Pyrrha. With his great sword, War sliced down two charging Turks with the greatest of ease. This left me little to do, which was okay. I felt ridiculous in the Crusader get-up and bringing out Leviathan, my scythe, would look a bit suspicious.
War continued to wade towards the battle and not the mausoleum where we were needed. “War,” I scolded. “Enough of the battle; we need to go to the spear.”
“Death, you are no fun,” he countered. I was a ton of fun, just not in battle situations. “Just allow me the pleasure. Go get the spear yourself.”
If he was going to be a flaming dick, fine. “Do whatever you want. I have a task to accomplish.” With that, I turned Khloros and we sped off towards the mausoleum.
“Death, was it best to leave our back-up behind?” Khloros asked.
It wasn’t like I was given much of a choice. “War will grow tired and rejoin us.” Even as I said it, I wasn’t all the confidient with the prediction. “We must remember who he is.”
Khloros accepted the answer as we continued. With the wind out our backs, we made excellent time getting to our location. The grand stone mausoleum stuck out like a sore thumb. I hopped off Khloros and checked out the entrance door. The thick stone sealed in whatever secrets the mausoleum was intent on hiding. Fortunately I had the key.
My celestial fire blazed into action and with two well-placed strikes of the ghostly grey chains that formed, the entranceway was clear. And the awful smell of demonic brimstone rushed out, filling my nose with the ill-fated warning.
Looking back at Khloros, “It seems we’re not to be alone.”


Well that was fun! Be sure to check out my friend and fellow author, Morganna Williams, blog for her free Friday story:

See ya next week!