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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hey! A New Book!

Greetings you crazy kids. I know, I know, I'm not keeping up with this blog thing at all. Like, most days I forget this thing is even here. Ugh...

But that's neither here nor there. Today's a special day because my newest book's available: Hostile Spankover! What makes this book so special is that Jaye and I have combined two different genres into one. As we all know, I cross the lines sometimes between adult action/fantasy author and domestic discipline male vantage point. With Hostile, we decided to take those two cousin genres and put them into one over the top action filled, puntastic, and sexy read into one book.

One of my favorite parts of this story are the henchmen names. Are they borderline inappropriate? Yes. But honestly, wouldn't you hire Jacque Meoff to help with a New Year's Eve heist?

So, yep, new story, one that I think you'll all love. Here's the link:

Hostile Spankover! lives...

Before we go, I do have one more ambitious project to tell you about. I'm a huge gamer and I love the idea of putting that into novel form. And not just a linear novel, but one spectacular story with sidequests and multiple endings. I'm about 15k into it and, *fingers crossed* it'll be ready for a summer/early fall release. More on that as time goes on.

That's it for today, friends. I'll see you on digital pages!


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Hunter's Mate by Morganna Williams

Hey hey everyone! Today's well overdue blog post isn't going to be about me, but instead, my super near and dear friend - Morganna Williams. You see, a few weeks back she released a very well put together erotic selection and it was a fascinating read. If you're at all familiar with her work, for her latest title, The Hunter's Mate, she returned to her roots with science fiction. To say that was a welcome flash to the past in an understatement; she slayed it with this one.

The main situation in this story is our lead character, Hale, coming to Earth to go after those who done pissed him off. Sidebar - he meets a girl. Not just any girl mind you, but a very spunky, hold-my-cup-of-coffee-while-I-beat-her-ass kinda of girl in Reyna. Together, the two of fireworks from the get-go. The chemistry Morganna took the time to craft in this one is outstanding. By the end, you're rooting for their happily ever after, everything else be damned.

Yes, there is sex, spankings, and a whole bunch of other misdemeanors that happen throughout the course of this book, but let me highlight the action. Morganna stepped up her game big time in The Hunter's Mate, delivering action packed scenes and suspense that may have even rivaled her scintillating scenes. All and all, this book kicked ass and took some names.

If you're a sci-fi fan, lover of sexy time stories, or just a deviant like myself, putting The Hunter's Mate into your Kindle library is a must.

5 big time stars from the baconator, Jack.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Freebie with Jack: Peace, Love, & Death #2

Peave, Love, and Death #2
I’d tried my best to keep out of Herman’s business since he dropped the bomb he as working for Balthazar the wizard. In fact, I’d been so strung out, that I didn’t even know what day of the week it was! Unfortunately, that all came crashing down when Herman stumbled into the apartment, bloody and with a set of donkey ears where his regular human one’s should’ve been.

I sat up and focused really hard, making sure I wasn’t high first. “Shit Herman, what the hell happened to you?”

“Well, you see…”

And he went into this long drawn out story about how he messed up a delivery he was supposed to make. The box he’d been assigned to drop off to an Imp apparently had been misplaced. By misplaced, he meant he lost it when he was trying to buy marijuana. Oh Herman…

As he finished the story, all I could do was sigh. “Do you even know what was in the box?” It took everything I had not to laugh at those stupid ears.

“No idea, Graham-ster. I just know when Balthazar found out, he gave me these unchill listening devices.”

Honestly, Balthazar could’ve done a lot worse. It also was kinda funny that Herman had no idea that this shit was weird and he probably shouldn’t be sharing it with anyone. Either Herman was high as a kite (probably) or just was so relaxed that he didn’t even consider this as an oddity (very likely).

I as in a position to help. Not get in too deep mind you, but I could at least help him get the box back and get rid of these ears. “Do you want me to help you go look for the box?” I asked.

High tried to give me a high five, but my hand wasn’t up. “Dude, Graham, that would be killer.” For a guy who had cursed ass ears, he wasn’t even the slightest bit upset.

I grabbed my coat and the two of us went down to where the drug deal took place. It was a dingy little bar called the Seventh Circle. I half expected the place to reek of Brimstone, but it turned out totally human. The surprises just kept on coming.

Inside, we strolled up to the bar. The guy slinging shots looked at me a bit funny. “Whaddaya want?”

Herman had told me the key phrase to ask when I got to this point. I felt like a fool for having to say it, though. “The mouse needs some cheese.”

The bartender winked and pointed off to the side where there was a small black door. “Just knock twice and be patient,” was his only words of wisdom.

So I did. And patient I was. What seemed like an eternity, the door opened and a hand grabbed me. Being dragged into the dark, I was totally taken aback when I could see what was going on. “Death, what the hell are you doing here?”

I knew that voice! “Azrael? Is that really you?”

The light shined down and the salty old angel was standing over me. “Shit, you being here complicates things.”

Considering I didn’t know what things were, I wasn’t sure what to say. “Listen, I’m just trying to find a box for a friend?”


“Yeah – wait, how did you know?”

Azrael pulled out a box from the shelf behind him. “This is the box that stoner was carrying. Death, it contains a map showing the location of all four seals.”

“When you say seals, you mean –”

“Yep, the seals that would start the End of Days.”

Damnit all, I wasn’t high enough to deal with another Armageddon…

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Freebie with Jack: Peace, Love, and Death #1

Aaaaaand we're back. Last week, I was caught up with my new release, In His Custody with Morganna Williams. No excuses this week and I'm delivering. We're starting a new series arc, Peace, Love, and Death - one if you'll remember from my update will take place in the 1970's.

Let's join our hero, Death, whose story is already in progress...

Peace, Love, and Death #1

“Whoa, just what the hell is that?”

“This is the good shit, Graham. Not that weak crap you bought last week.”

Yep, here I was, the all-powerful horseman Death (going by the pseudonym Graham Reeper - get it?!) sitting in a rundown apartment in Boston with my stoner roommate, Herman. I liked Herman; he was the first human in a good long time that wasn’t concerned with the stupid shit, you know? Herman cared about weed and women. I cared about those things, too.

A few years back, in 1968 I think, I settled on Boston as my newest hangout. Yep, you guessed it, a girl was involved. Her name was Alyssa and she’d been a stripper in the Big Apple. Khloros and I were taking a loop around the Bronx when I saw her. A one night stand turned into a two night stand which, in turn, led to some sort of sex driven relationship. I’m not proud to say that a woman’s ability to bring about multiple orgasms in a row is a quality I look into.

So yeah, Alyssa wanted to go to Boston to pursue a modeling career or something. Alyssa always had dollar signs in her eyes. Well, we moved and two days into our adventure, she got gunned down by the Irish Mafia. Turns out, the dollar signs were so big that she tried to rob an underground poker parlor. The guy I butchered into tiny pieces confessed that to me right before his passing.

Killing off a big portion of the Irish Mafia didn’t sit well with the people who kept tabs on me. Yuri, one pompous angel, basically put me under house arrest and told me I needed to work off my debt to the Big Guy, Upstairs. I did, but in the time I spent here, grew to love it. That’s brings us today where I’m currently lighting up joints with old Herman.

The deadbeat took another huff. “The problem, Graham, is you’re cheap. If you want the good stuff, you have to pay for it.

“Where did you get money to pay for this?”

“I’m a courier, dude. I get a nice stash of cash for each item I successfully deliver for my employers.”

I didn’t even want to know. Money was never a problem for me (one of the perks of being immortal), so jobs were technically useless. I was thinking of starting up in a university or something. A good education and access to all the co-eds one could ever want? That’s the American Dream if I ever understood it.

However, even as high as I was, I had a nagging feeling. “Who do you courier for?” I asked.

And damnit, didn’t the answer destroy my buzz. “Ah, some chill dude I met down by the wharf. His name is Balthazar.”

My joint hung for a moment from my mouth, before falling to the floor. Balthazar was a bloody wizard, and not just any old wizard. That asshole had trained under Morgan Le Fey, the long dead witch who wanted to start an apocalypse or something.

If Balthazar was here, that’d only mean trouble for me. I took another hit off my joint and pretended I didn’t hear a thing.

*Tune in next week as Death’s high is ruined even further when Herman gets into something way over his beatnik head!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Freebie Updates

The 1970’s, a time of Peace, Love, and Death?! That’s right, I’m here to tell you that our next adventure in these blog miniseries will take place in the 70’s as our pal Derrick retraces his steps under his terrible pun alias of Graham Reeper. This miniseries will have a lot more adult action in it, plus your normal course of violence, bad language, and total silliness.

The point of these is to open up the vast backstory that characters like Derrick and Roxanne have. I’ve already captured some of Roxanne’s backstory through anthologies I’ve been a part of, so I felt like Derrick really needed some stories of his. What I can’t wait for is to show you how these adventures eventually all tie together and lead into the very first story, Demons in D.C.

With that being said, I also wanted to drop a beat that The Sexy Lady Edition of the Chronicles of Death has made its return! Like before, it contains volumes one and two, perfect for the reader on the go who wants their books in one place. Bolt Publishing, LLC has done a fantastic job with these stories, so if you haven’t jumped on the books yet, now’s a great time to do so.

Look for Peace, Love, and Death to kick off next week, right here in the good old blog.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Friday Freebies with Jack: Enter the Crusades!

Ahhh, we've reached the conclusion of our first miniseries. With that in mind, before we start the tale, our next miniseries will take us to the 1970's. Peace, Love, and Death will be the title of it and I think there will be a cameo or two from some of your favorite characters from the main series. So stay tuned!

Enter the Crusades! #4

War charged the Lust demon queen, but went right through her. He fell ungraciously to the stone floor and Lilith waved her hand. War was frozen in place. “That’s better,” she said.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I’m not truly here, Death.” She stretched her arms out in front of her. “The ritual these idiots performed was never going to be strong enough to bring an Arch Demon to this plane.”

I couldn’t help but notice behind her and over War’s frozen body was the Spear of Longinus. “I take it you’re not here for the spear?”

She shook her head no. “I just wanted a bit of adventure, even if I’m not truly here.”

This was truly an odd situation. I decided just to go ahead and walk around her. “If you’re not here for this, I’m going to just go ahead and snatch it,” I said as I plucked it off the wall.

She watched in intrigue as I basically ignored her for the holy artifact. “I can’t say how long’s it’s been since a man ignored me when I stood in front of him.”

“Considering your reputation, and the fact that he goes away when I turn this in,” I gestured over at War. “I have all the reasons in the world to focus on the spear and not you, Lilith.”

She tittered, a small chilly laugh. “You are indeed an unpredictable one, Death.”

With the spear in my hand, I had no more reason to stick around. “Can you let him go once I’m good and far away?”

“Ohh horseman, you can’t go just yet.” Another wave of her hand and the door leading out snapped back on hinge and shut. “I didn’t sneak into this spell just for your entertaining banter.”

I couldn’t imagine what business she’d have with me. “Okay, I guess I’ll bite. What do you want, Lilith?” I asked defeated.

“Oh, just a simple request – watch your back.” The last part was especially cold. Whatever light and amused tone she was portraying was gone in a snap. “As the last celestial who lives on the human’s plane, you’ll be the first soldier recruited.”

“What… why are you telling me this?”

“The rules in Hell are changing, Death. Arch Demons aren’t happy with their lot and Lucifer’s reluctance to start the Apocalypse. Plans, many of them unfortunately, are in motion to get that ball started.”

Lilith was helping me prepare to stop the End of Times? Wow, this was turning out to be quite the day. “The Apocalypse won’t start until the Four Seal are broken. Unless the horsemen charge forward with trumpets playing, everyone’s okay.”

She twirled around, her wings fluttering for a moment. “If you think Beelzebub, Mammon, or the rest are going to wait for the horsemen to start the riot, you’re more na├»ve than I gave you credit for.”

Still, her warning would have to be taken seriously. “Death,” she said with a bit of finality in her tone. “The demons of Hell work at their own speed. A being as old as you, you’ll forget all these small blips in your life. However, when the time comes, the world will need the Death of old, not the one of self doubt and quips.”

Just like that, Lilith was gone. War jumped out, shouting. “Where did the bitch go?”

“It’s over, buddy. Let’s get this back into the proper hands, okay?”

The two of us left with the Spear of Longinus and me with a lot more questions about the future of this plane. Had Lilith just dropped a prophecy on me?


Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Freebie with Jack: Enter The Crusades!

So, after a 2 week sabbatical, I'm back. I apologize for last Friday, I had a bad flight the evening before and spent most of my day in bed with migraines and such. Today is a new day and we've got an adventure to get back to! Let's see what Death has gotten himself into this time.

Enter The Crusades!: Part 3

Markos was incredibly strong, as all Wrath demons were. I used his weight against him, easing up on my blade. He stumbled forward as his axe slid down Leviathan and to the ground. Thinking I was quicker than him, I tried to attack his prone back. Markos was ready, using the backside of the axe to block it. He pushed me away and stood back up to his full height.

“I’m impressed. I was under the impression your reputation was inflated.”

Hmph, that was rather annoying. “Oh no, Junior. You didn’t just say I was overrated.”

He leaned forward and dug his foot into the broken floor. “I’m afraid I did.”

The Wrath demon came at me again, no fear in his eyes. That was quite the insult. He swung the axe hard and it missed, cracking even more of the floor. I danced away from a second and third blow, patiently waiting for my opportunity. When it came, I was just too far away. Not willing to risk it, I bit my instincts down and didn’t attack.

With his assault over, “Are you planning on avoiding me forever? Come now, you can do more than prance.”

Ohhh, he was really good at taunting. The best taunters are the ones who actually mean each word that comes out of their mouths. If you don’t believe what you’re tellin’, then it comes across as pathetic. Markos was right, if I wanted to keep going, I had to actually do something.

With Leviathan dragging against the ground, I came at him and performed a double jump at the very last moment. I somersaulted over him He hadn’t been expecting the move so it was no surprise when I was able to sink the sharp edge on my scythe into his unprotected back before he had a chance to do anything. From there, it was easy pickings. One more solid thrust into the back of the head as he fell to a knee finished off the impressive Wrath demon.

“Bravo brother.”

“Damnit War,” I said. There, as smug as ever, was my brother. “How long were you standing there?”

He pried his lazy ass off the marble wall. “Long enough to see if you still had it. Apparently, you do.”

The two of us fell in line, walking back towards the exit that led under the mausoleum. Who did this moron think he was, grading me? Ohhh, he was lucky he was my brother or I’d open a can of whoop ass on him.

As we wandered down the stairs, “Did you get all your jollies out watching humans kill each other?”

“It’s been a wonderful battle, brother. You should’ve been there,” he said. Was he reminiscing about a battle that was still raging outside? What a weirdo.

When the stairs reached the bottom, War bashed the wooden door open with the sort of bravado you’d expect from a guy named War. Inside, it seemed Hell had come to Earth. There were two Lust demons, a Wrath demon, and a human witch. The witch, who ironically seemed to be leading the demons in some sort of ceremony, reached out and grabbed a dagger.

Neither War nor I knew what to expect. I half expected the witch to try and throw It at one of us. Instead, she plunged it into her heart, blood spitting out of the wound and on to the demons around her. This was black magic like I was unfamiliar with. As the blood hit the demons, they all began to smoke and burn. Shit – this was a summoning ritual.

A portal opened as the demons fell to the ground dead. A burning pentagram appeared out of their ashes and a figure emerged from the smoke.

“Hello boys,” came a sultry and dangerous voice.

Oh shit – Lilith was here.

Next week we wrap this first adventure up. Have a great and bacon filled weekend everyone.