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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Book 4 - It's Happening!

Salutations and greetings.  If you've stopped by that means you're interested in the Grimm's Reapers series, in particular the fourth book.  Well, Derrick Grimm is going to ride again in Divide and Conquest, the grand finale of the series.  Don't be sad, as I'm sure I have something cooked up to do after I complete Derrick's story.

I spent the past few months writing the plot line and synopsis for D&C and I'm really happy with it, so it's on to chapter writing.  I finished Chapter 1 yesterday and plan to write about a chapter a day until it's finished (it is so much easier to write when you have a completed storyboard to go off of, trust me).  When I hit about Chapter 10 - I'll put a rough draft copy of Chapter 1 up on the blog like I always do.

A few people were kind enough to email me with some questions, so I'll take a second to address them.  Number 1 - no, I won't cut back on the sex scenes.  I write to amuse, entertain, and most importantly stick to a style I've developed.  I know it's not everyone's favorite, but it is mine so I'm going to keep dancing with the girl that brought me.

Number 2 - yes, this book will be the last one where Derrick is the main character.  I always planned on having him for a four book run.  I'm not saying we'll never see him again, but his story will be finished at the end of this book.

Before I get back to work, both IT related and writing, I have an early gift for all of you: