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Friday, June 3, 2016

The Witch Wars: Character Dossier #2 - Cassandra Zane (along with cover reveal)

Real name - Cassandra Zane
Age - 21
Species - Witch
Skills - Control over the elements, seduction, critical thinking skills
RPG Classification - Black mage


Cassandra Zane is the other Zane Twin that was recruited by Merlin to oppose Morgan Le Fey.  Unlike her brother, she was born a witch and as such, has control of a great many elements.  Her spells are varied by color - if you see black fire appear in her hands, run!

Another gift of hers is dream premonitions.  In her case, she has just one; a vision of her and the Son of Death Oz hand in hand defeating Morgan Le Fey.  Because of this and her insistence that Oz is the key, Merlin reluctantly allows her and Caspian to venture out into the realm of humans to find him.

Much like her brother, Cassandra has no wish to discuss her parents or whatever happened to them so many years ago.  The Zanes' parents are a great mystery, one neither Twin is looking to rehash.

Look for more from Cassandra soon as The Witch Wars: Jacoby's Revenge is churning up for its big release.  But before we go, how about a cover huh?  It only seems appropriate to release this on the day I spotlight Cassandra: