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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Last Chances to get the Grimm's Reapers Series

It's really happening, people. The good folks at Dark Moon Press have all four Grimm's Reapers books, as well as The Witch Wars: Volume 1. Over the past week, we've been working together on the source material and direction of the series and with it, how to handle this. With a lot of help from my author friend, Jeremy Croston, the newest form of the book is everything I could've ever hoped it to be.

With my blessing and with the understanding that things need to change, I'm here today to let everyone know that in one week, all my books will be coming off of Amazon. After that, the transition will begin with brand new covers and titles as we re-launch an updated and cleaner series. Next week, my contract with them starts, so this will be the final run as an independent.

Obviously, this pushes The Witch Wars Volume 2 back, but as someone who is taking their writing with a less blasé faire attitude, I want to make sure the products being put out with my name on it are top notch. I appreciate everyone's understanding in this. And for those of you who may have given up after reading a book or two, I feel like you might want to give the series a chance again. The story is as strong as ever and hopefully the rest of the logistics (editing and cleaner dialogue) match up with it.


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