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Friday, March 17, 2017

Project Updates

Based on the number of emails that begin and end with, "Yo Crosby, when the hell is the next Witch Wars coming out?"* I figured now would be an excellent time to talk to all of you about a few things going on with me. First, the Witch Wars book has been placed on hold, just temporarily, while I am in the midst of an exciting new venture.

Most of you are aware that over the past few months, I've been working with well-known erotic novelist Morganna Williams. We've been combining our short stories together to bring you two cool editions, Primal Heat and Captive Desire. The reason for that was to get readers used to our names together as the entire plan was to eventually co-write a full length novel together. As you probably figured out, we're working on that right now.

We are hopeful to have the book written, edited, and published in April. This story is so freaking cool though. We have FBI agent Leonardo Jackson and bestselling erotic novelist Mona Hyatt as the main characters, tied together by a psychopath called the Dollface Killer. Why is he called that? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Secondly, as you probably noticed, The Electric Mile has been taken down. During this hiatus, I've worked to make the novel even stronger. When will it be back up? I don't know. Just know that when it does, it will be the best Jack Crosby novel I've ever written.

So yeah, there's a lot going on. If you'd like more info about Morganna and I's upcoming title, you can also pop over to her blog, But, before we go, how about a quick teaser of said title?


*Emails were condensed down and put into Crosbyese. Just shake your head and move along.

It was a seedy little place right off the Orange Blossom Trail. The locals call this area of OBT Hooker Heaven and it’s known for little porn shops and strip joints. I was in a bad place; that’s why I was here.
After seeing Agent Perez gunned down, I’d been promoted to the lead agent on the Dollface case. Me. What the hell did I know? There were way more qualified agents to send to do the job, but upper brass all agreed that I was the man for the job. I was scared shitless.
The joint I was in was known as The Red Room. It wasn’t advertised anywhere or a place most even knew about. You had to get an invite here. The second night after Perez’s death, a red envelope was nestled against the door to the apartment the Bureau had set up for me. Opening it, I saw the calligraphy writing, inviting Agent Leo Jackson for a night he’d never forget.
As I entered, I made my way over to the bar area. The whole place was dark, red lights were scattered here and there to give the area a certain, almost sexual, feel to it. The bartender was a girl in her late twenties and her name tag read, “Mindy.”
I placed a ten spot on the bar top. “Whiskey sour, extra sour.”
Smiling and taking the money, “That’s a generous opening, sir. Special occasion?”
“No, just needing a drink.”
I didn’t want to put a heavy burden on this girl. Hell, I should’ve been arresting everyone in this place, but I wasn’t in the mood. Not that long ago I was just a computer geek who tracked down the bad guys through encryptions and dark web visits. I laughed at myself, I had no business being a field agent.
Mindy placed the drink on a napkin in front of me. “You have a heavy soul,” she informed me. “A man who looks as sweet as you shouldn’t be burdened with darkness.”
I snorted as I put the drink down with one gulp. “I wish I wasn’t, believe me.”
I felt a soft hand caress my shoulder. It was a blonde girl, barely clothed in six inch heels. Her fingers made their way to the tip of my nose where she lightly poked it. “Mindy,” she said with some husk in her voice. “I think I’d like to take this one.”
The bartender came out from behind the counter. “Sorry, Yvette – this one is mine.”

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